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BEST Apple TV is a website dedicated to viewing, gaming, and browsing on the Apple TV device. Often an afterthought on Apple-related tech sites (and sometimes by Apple itself), the Apple TV is actually a very powerful media player and gaming device if you know where to look.
As such, we’ve created this website to point you in the right direction. Whether you’re looking for programming to watch, games to play, or new ways to play them, we’ll help you discover the best of what’s available.

BEST Apple TV is still in its infancy, but we’re looking forward to growing with you and the Apple TV audience.

Editorial Staff

Brad Gibson: Co-founder and editor-in-chief

Brad GibsonBrad Gibson has been a technology reporter since the late 1980s, having previously worked for MacUser, MacFormat, and iCreate magazines. In addition, he has been a writer and contributor for MacNN.com, MacObserver.com, MacCentral.com, MacMinute.com, and Macworld.com.

Gibson hosted and produced the MacFormat This Week podcast for three years—the first long-form podcast of any Mac magazine in the UK, covering news, reviews and features associated with the print magazine and its staff.

Previous to that he was Assistant News Director at AOL News beginning in 1992. He also worked as a news producer/reporter with AP Radio and UPI Radio for many years, as well as a news producer/editor for KJRH-TV and KOTV-TV news in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Gibson served as Public Relations Manager for Mac games company Feral Interactive for seven years.

Reach Brad directly at brad@bestappletv.com.

Kirk Hiner: Co-founder and managing editor

Kirk HinerKirk Hiner has been writing for the Apple web since 1997 when he began freelancing for Applelinks.com. Within six months he was a member of the editorial staff, where he remained until becoming editor-in-chief of AppleTell.com in 2008, which grew into the TechnologyTell.com Apple channel.

In addition to writing news, reviews and features for Technology Tell, Hiner managed a writing staff of nearly 20 writers scattered across the globe. Throughout his career, Hiner also contributed articles to GamerTell, Inside Mac Games, Mac Gamer’s Ledge, Dealerscope and Mac Gamer HQ.

In addition to his work with BEST Apple TV, Hiner is editor-in-chief of the Apple-themed Public Access Gaming website and serves as vice president of client services for Dynamics Online, Inc. in Beachwood, Ohio.

Reach Kirk directly at kirk@bestappletv.com.

Justin Emery: Technical consultant and developer

Justin EmeryJustin Emery has been working as a software developer for a decade. For eight years he worked at Mac & Linux games company Feral Interactive, where he led a team responsible for the company’s website and information systems. He also led development of Calico—an online multiplayer gaming platform—from conception through to the first releases on the platform.

In summer 2016, Justin felt a sudden compulsion to walk 1,300 miles through Scotland, Wales, and England over 10 weeks, a journey you can read about on his blog: John o’Groats to Lands End: One Year On.

Justin now works from London, England, on a range of projects as a freelance software developer (and is available for hire for interesting projects!).

For BEST Apple TV, Justin helps out with the development of the website and gathers and processes tvOS app data for the editorial staff.

Sebastian Szwarc: Contributor

Sebastian SzwarcSebastian Szwarc is a Mac journalist and podcast host based in Poznań, Poland. He is the founder and co-host of the podcast Pear 2 Pear, and currently the editor of MojMac.pl and Mój Mac Magazyn. A big movie fan, he talks about film music on Radio Poznań. He has previously worked for Apple-User.pl, and the podcast Jabłecznik. 

Dave Martin: Contributor

Dave MartinDave Martin is a producer and contributor to BESTAppleTV.com, having previously worked for Reuters, AFP and BBC Digital. His focus is on hardware and peripherals as well as user experiences with graphic user interfaces.

Aaron Kraus: Contributor

Aaron Kraus was reared on a Mac Plus, graduated to a Performa 6400/180, detoured briefly into eMate 300 territory (which still runs), and is currently rocking several variants of MacBook. Aaron is steeped in arcane Apple lore and fluent in Reality Distortion™. He remains a cybersecurity consultant by day and hopeless technophile with aspirations to be a low-grade foodie.

David Temple: Contributor

David TempleDavid Temple is a denizen of the subterranean man cave from which he has been reviewing games, Mac related gear, and other oddments since 2011. David is an aficionado of many things, and a generally odd individual.


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