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Published on September 12th, 2017 | by Brad Gibson


BEST Apple TV Apps: Earthlapse TV

Earthlapse TV is more than live HD video live from the earth-orbiting International Station Station. It’s better than that.

Earthlapse offers some stunning time-lapse photography on your TV from both mastered time-lapse views and ISS HDEV live views. Captured by astronauts aboard the ISS and mastered by the Magic Window crew, this app offers the highest fidelity ISS video ever produced.

There are 18 carefully mastered views from the ISS to choose from with accompanying music soundtracks as you gawk at our little blue planet zooming through space. The source videos aren’t great quality, so the team instead pulls the raw images from the NASA feed and re-builds them in a much higher resolution using Apple’s Metal API to render the images, allowing you to change the speed and color effects on the fly.

The app contains a total of 1.2 gigabytes of views made from over 20,000 photos along with a caption in the top left hand corner that informs you of what/where you’re looking at and the time and date in the top right hand corner.

This app does not function as the Apple TV screen saver and must be launched independently like other apps but if you’re like me in testing it, you’ll find yourself watching this while you’re working or just puttering around the house.

Earthlapse is what an Apple TV app should be. It takes full advantage of your TVs picture quality and delivers incredible clarity through a simple app that delivers a different kind of entertainment.

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