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Published on February 17th, 2019 | by Kirk Hiner


BEST Apple TV Apps: Weather Live°

There are apps I buy specifically for Apple TV, and there are apps I buy specifically for my iPhone. Weather apps do not fall into this category, as I tend to use them on both devices. It’s because of this basic universal compatibility that I consider Weather Live° to be one of the best Apple TV weather apps.

Buying Weather Live° for tvOS will also get you access to the iOS version and Apple Watch functionality, but unfortunately doesn’t sync between all devices. When I add weather locations on Apple TV, for example, those locations don’t carry over to the iPhone. This seems an odd oversight, but it doesn’t affect the app’s usefulness on Apple TV.

And just uses does it have? Well, clarity is the main thing. Upon launching Weather Live you’re immediately presented with key info such as the temperature and weather conditions, chance of precipitation, minimum and maximum temps for the day, humidity, sunrise/sunset, etc., without a lot of ugly charts and displays.

Weather Live

Swiping with the Siri Remote allows you to quickly switch between hourly and daily forecasts, and you can click on any hour/day in the forecast to get more details of that particular point in the future. The graphs are easy to read, with clean icons indicating whether to expect sun, rain, clouds, etc.

I mentioned multiple locations above, as Weather Live° allows you to easily set these up and bounce between them. The app asks to check your current location for your weather report when you first set it up, but you can add additional locations by simply dictating a city name or zip code to your Siri Remote.

Weather Live°

Weather Live° doesn’t support Top Shelf for weather details without having to launch the app, but it does use notifications to display the current temp right on the app’s icon on the Apple TV home screen.

Although I appreciate and recommend Weather Live° for its clarity and ease of use, there a few items the developers could address to make the app even better. I’ve already mentioned cloud syncing. I would also like to see more of the iOS-specific features carry over to the tvOS version, too, such as the ability to report current weather conditions, view rain maps, and see more weather details by swiping.

It’s about time for the app to get a 4K update, too. The photography that slowly scrolls behind the weather details is gorgeous. On my QLED TV, however, it looks grainy and compressed, with distorted colors and ugly motion artifacts. The photography looks much better on the iPhone.

Still, those gripes are easy to contend with when using Weather Live° on Apple TV. It also helps that the app comes with a one-time purchase of $2.99, so I never have to worry about ads, IAPs or yearly subscriptions.

Weather Live° is available now in the Apple store. For more information, visit

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