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BEST Apple TV Apps: Loupe

What better way to get real art for free than an app that gives you a global mix of emerging, cutting-edge and established contemporary artists on your television using your Apple TV?

That’s the concept of Loupe, a free Apple TV app that gives you full-screen images of art for free along with the option of purchasing prints of that art through the app. What makes this app cool is that you’re able to buy physical art based on a digital image

Roughly 150 artists from all over the world – including the U.S., Brazil, Ecuador, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, The Ukraine and South Korea, to name a few – are represented on the Loupe art platform, showcasing 1000s of piece of artwork and with artwork added daily in the genres of Black & White Photography, Street Art, Surreal Psychedelic, Abstracts and many more.

Loupe art imageWhat makes Loupe great is the ability to look at a variety of art on your television much like the images on your Apple TV screensaver.

The concept is the brainchild of CEO and Founder Dot Bustelo who once worked for Apple in its Worldwide Product Marketing department.

I started thinking about the 150 million people streaming music– what were they doing with their TVs?,” she told “And I thought about the technology of streaming music. Why not apply similar technology to visual art, and at the same time give artists a new platform to reach a global audience?”

The Loupe app features 26 unique channels ranging from Black & White, Still Life, Urban Landscapes, and Abstract to name a few. You can watch only the art you like best in MY GALLERY, stream by channel, color genre, or artist, and even customize the speed that the art transitions from 10 seconds to four minutes.

By opening an account through the app, users can buy prints of selected art for purchase on high-quality paper, ranging from $75 to $427 in three sizes…11×14″, 16×20″, and 24×36″. You can also buy original art by selected artists from their website at

Loupe has been ranked number one as a Lifestyle app on Apple TV in 40 countries and we certainly can see why.

Obviously, Loupe wants you to buy the art it represents, but it’s not pushy about it. It would rather share its work with everyone digitally in a totally immersive streaming art gallery and that’s what makes this app different.

Streaming together with your own music or from a streaming platform like Apple Music, Loupe offers the closest thing to your own private art museum making it a unique and ‘best’ Apple TV app.

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