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Published on April 2nd, 2018 | by Kirk Hiner


Bring It! Naturespace: Relax Sleep Dream for Apple TV

Of all the apps I have on my iPhone, Naturespace is one of my most treasured. I usually don’t have trouble falling asleep, but unexpected (my neighbor’s late-night parties) or unwanted noises (airplane engines on red-eye flights) can easily get in the way. In such cases, Naturespace and a good pair of headphones have proven invaluable.

At its most basic, Naturespace: Relax Sleep Dream is a white noise app. Its perhaps more accurately described by the name of the company that developed it: Holographic Audio Theater. Unlike some other white noise apps available, Naturepace features immersive, spatially accurate recordings captured in the wild and optimized for infinite-loop playback. Amongst the myriad audioscapes available are recordings from shorelines, mountain valleys, desert mountains, forests, and hundreds of other natural environments. Recordings come with a suggested usage (sleep and relaxation, focus and concentration, anxiety and stress relief, meditation, and creative visualization), and you have the ability create folders to help keep them organized based on your own preferred usage.

As you’d expect with an app aimed at helping you relax and sleep, sleep and wake times can be set to turn the app off/on. You also have the ability to keep the Naturespace sounds playing as you switch over to other apps—perfect if you’re using your iPhone or iPad to read or for meditative purposes.

My question, then, is why should this be relegated to iOS? Naturespace for iPhone or iPad is best used with headphones (there’s even an earbud optimized setting), but I’d prefer to not wear headphones while reading and certainly not while sleeping. A Bluetooth speaker could work with the iPhone, but with a tvOS version, I could let the Apple TV and the surround sound system take over, fully immersing me in the audio whether I’m upstairs in bed or simply relaxing in the living room (we have an Apple TV in both rooms). The Naturespace recordings sound great in Holographic Audio Theater’s “3D” stereo with headphones, and I can just imagine how that would translate to full 5.1 audio.

Naturespace: Relax Sleep Dream comes with six free recordings with names such as First Light, Infinite Shoreline, Riverwind Dreaming and Night at Lake Unknown (the latter of which is my go-to). There are no ads (marketing is the enemy of nature), but the vast catalog requires in-app purchases to open up. Having an Apple TV version would increase the amount of money I’d spend on these simply because of the usage variations between living-room relaxation and bedroom sleep assistance. In addition, the related photography that accompanies each sound would make for some great Apple TV screensavers.

Naturespace: Relax Sleep Dream

Incredible audio, excellent functionality, and a soothing experience…here’s hoping we can enjoy Naturespace: Relax Sleep Dream on our Apple TVs before too many more suns set over Lake Unknown.

Naturespace is available now for free in the App Store. For more information, visit

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