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Published on February 12th, 2018 | by Kirk Hiner


Bring It! YoWindow Weather for Apple TV

YoWindow Weather is the kind of iPhone app I don’t use as often as I’d like. It sits right next to Apple’s Weather app in my Utilities folder, and if I’m just looking for the current temp and hourly forecast, Weather does just fine.

YoWindow Weather offers a difference experience—one that asks you to hang around for a bit. The main screen shows you an idyllic animated landscape, which you can swap between village, town, Americana, seaside, airport, pagoda, valley and sky themes. You can also chose a photo of your own for the backdrop.

Weather information for your city (or other locations you set up) is laid overtop of this animation/image, giving you current time and temp, along with your 12-hour and 5-day forecasts in portrait mode. Rotate to landscape and you just get a 10-day forecast. You can adjust the units to be displayed for US, metric, UK, Finland, Russia or custom settings, and you can turn off the Parallax effect to preserve battery life on your iOS device.

There are two reasons why YoWindow Weather would make a great Apple TV app. First, one of its coolest features would easily translate to the Siri Remote. You move ahead in the weather report by dragging your thumb across the screen, and doing so changes the time of day in the animation accordingly. It’s a fun effect that would work perfectly on the Siri Remote.

Second, the animations are so fun that I’d be happy to just leave YoWindow playing as my Apple TV screensaver. The little people, animals and various modes of transportation give the app sense of life that most weather apps are missing, and the developers always toss in a few Easter eggs that are to find throughout the day/year.

YoWindow Weather

Some of the audio would have to be toned down for background use, but that would easy enough to adjust.

There are already some great and more powerful weather apps available for Apple TV, and you should check them out. But if you want a fun one you can leave up throughout the day and grab the basic weather details from the NWS at a simple glance, contact the YoWindow team and let them know we’re ready for the Apple TV version.

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