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Published on September 11th, 2017 | by Brad Gibson


Bring It! GRID 2: Reloaded Edition for Apple TV

Bring It! is our ongoing look at Mac OS & iOS games—popular or forgotten—that are perfectly suited for Apple TV, but haven’t yet made the leap.

While there’s some good racing games for Apple TV already (3 Real Racing and F1 2016 to name a few), the addition of GRID 2: Reloaded Edition would up the game on quality controller racing titles.

Codemasters’ GRID 2: Reloaded Edition is very much an arcade racing experience that sacrifices detailed technicalities found in other racing titles and sticks to fast, furious gameplay. If even half of this games driving style is transformed into an Apple TV version, it would make for an immediate success. It dismisses simulation driving in favor of adrenaline fueled racing.

GRID 2 brings with it cars that have a real feel and responsiveness. It’s all about street racing in authentic muscle cars and sportsters. In GRID 2: Reloaded, most cars are very responsive and handle easily. ’Drifting’ is the key to success in this game…knowing when to hit the gas, when to pass, and when to break and drift. The learning curve is faster than most racing titles and with the addition of multiple racing styles like elimination and head-to-head, this game doesn’t go ‘long in the tooth’.

The Reloaded version adds 25 new cars and six new tracks. My hope is that if the game ever came to Apple TV it would add these additional cars and tracks and also offer online play with others, but only time will tell.

As far as gameplay is concerned, GRID 2: Reloaded is simply a blast to play. With snappy controls and reasonable AI, most races feel like they depend on your own talent of learning and adapting to each track.

It also has a rewind system that allows you to go back in time if you make a careless mistake. This feature makes it so that one boneheaded move doesn’t cost you the race, forcing you to restart and go through repeated load screens.

There are ordinary races as well as other multiple racing modes that will mix things up and keep the game fresh. Take for instance Elimination, where drivers are eliminated one by one from the back of the pack. With the Endurance mode, a pole position driver will win the race after five or so minutes. As you progress you compete on various sectors of the world, starting in America and then going to Europe and Asia. There are five seasons in GRID 2: Reloaded, and the entire game takes about 20 hours to beat.

The technical aspects of GRID 2: Reloaded Edition are of high quality, giving this title a characteristic look and feel that makes it challenging . If there’s a game that would solidify Apple TV as a strong racing solution and platform it would be this game.



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