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Published on November 29th, 2017 | by Kirk Hiner


Complete your holiday decorating with Christmas Snowfall HD for Apple TV

We’re two days shy of December, and it’s nearly 60° where I’m sitting in Ohio. That’s not right, and I hope the temperature trends downward as we approach Christmas. But even if it doesn’t, we (and anyone else who prefers a nice winter snow) can at least set the mood with the Apple TV.

Richard Foster—the creator of Ocean Aquarium HD, Cozy Fireplaces HD, and similar apps to help wind down the evening—has gotten into the holiday spirit with the recent release of Christmas Snowfall HD exclusively for Apple TV. Snow does look better, after all, when it’s falling on Christmas lights and decorations.

Unlike with real snow, the adjustable settings here will help you create the perfect winter scene on your Apple TV; just pretend your TV’s your window if nature isn’t cooperating this year. Christmas Snowfall HD allows you to set the size and amount of falling snow, and you can choose to play Christmas music to help set the mood. It’s the royalty-free type, so you don’t have to worry about hearing “Last Christmas” for the 15th time today.

Finally, a sleep timer allows you to enjoy the festive scenery straight past your bedtime (sadly, without the hope of awakening to a snow day the following morning).

Christmas Snowfall HD is available now for $0.99. If you like snow but aren’t into Christmas decorations, try Peaceful Snowfall HD instead.

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