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Published on August 3rd, 2018 | by Kirk Hiner


DirecTV Now apologizes for NFL Network mix-up

Upon further review, the ruling on the field has been overturned.

Earlier this week, DirecTV Now added the NFL Network to its channel lineup just in time for yesterday’s preseason opener in Canton, Ohio. The announcement stated that the channel will be available to those subscribed to DirecTV Now’s $55/month Just Right package and all higher levels.

Wednesday, however, customers who pay for the cheaper $40/month Live a Little package (myself included) received an email stating that the channel has been added to their lineup as well. I was pretty sure this wasn’t right and checked DirecTV Now’s website to see if that were true. It wasn’t much help, as the NFL Network isn’t listed at any price level in their channel guide (and still isn’t a press time).

Today, customers of the Live a Little Package received a “clarification” from DirecTV Now explaining the mix-up.

DirecTV Now NFL apology

Although I don’t care that I’m not getting the NFL Network, I would like to make a couple suggestions to AT&T.

First, a clarification is when you make something more clear, not admit that you provided false information. This is a correction.

Second, it’s not good practice to use an apology as a chance to upsell your products. Getting your customers excited for the NFL Network only to tell them they can’t really have it unless they pay more? Not very helpful or customer friendly.

Plus, it’s not entirely true. DirecTV Now customers who would like the NFL Network without having to pay more per month can actually get it by paying less. Here’s a rundown of the streaming services that currently offer the NFL Network and at what monthly price level:

  • SlingTV – Sling Blue Package – $25/month
  • Fubo TV – Base package – $44.99/month following the first month at $34.99
  • PS Vue – Core Package – $49.99/month
  • DirecTV Now – Just Right Package – $55/month

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