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Published on December 8th, 2018 | by Kirk Hiner


Get a call from Santa on your Apple TV

You’d think Santa would be busy making preparations for his annual flight later this month, but if that’s the case he still has the time to speak to kids. And because Santa appreciates good technology when he sees it, he’ll now pay you a quick visit directly on your Apple TV through the Santa Video Call & Tracker app.

The app actually provides numerous ways that parents can set up contacts (kids can’t just call him on their own, after all, or he’d never get any work done). In addition to the video, kids can also use voice calls and messaging to reach Santa.

But let’s focus on the video call, which can now be pulled up directly on the Apple TV for your whole family to see. No need to fear that it’s just a recording, either. If that were the case, how would Santa be able to identify personal traits about the child, such as his/her name, age, favorite sport, and recent life events?

Santa also knows if your children have been naughty or nice, and is able to provide some tips to get off the naughty list, if necessary. No matter the behavior status, the video call can be recorded and saved to enjoy later.

Of course, it’s not all just about conversation. With Santa Video Call & Tracker, users can also:

  • get direct access to Santa’s blog and digital newsfeed
  • play the virtual version of Elfball
  • add Santa’s beard and elf ears/hats to photos
  • have a picture of yourself or your kids scanned at the North Pole to determine if they’ve been naughty or nice

The app can be used to track Santa’s path on Christmas Eve, and Santa is even available to make some last minute video calls from his sleigh (he apparently hasn’t activated Do Not Disturb while driving).

Santa Call & Tracker App

Parents will want to check the database of around 6,000 names (with more added daily), just to be sure Santa’s ready to go. He apparently would have trouble pronouncing my wife’s name, for example, as it’s not on the list. But no hard feelings, Santa; everyone has trouble with her name. You can just call her Tiffany if it’s easier.

As you’d expect, a call from Santa is not free. The Santa Video Call & Tracker app costs $4.99 in the App Store, but we at least know Santa doesn’t support ads or in-app purchases. For more information, visit

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