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Published on March 31st, 2018 | by Kirk Hiner


Inko is your Apple TV whiteboard

Apple held a special event at Chicago’s Lane Tech College Prep High School earlier this week to roll out new products and updates aimed at the education market. The Apple TV was not among them, but third-party developers have created some great tvOS apps to help educators use the device in the classroom. A great example of this is the newly released Inko – Whiteboard.

Developed by Creaceed, Inko is a collaborative whiteboard app for iOS that allows up to 12 people to connect over Wi-Fi (or 8 via iOS peer-to-peer connectivity) to draw/diagram together in real time.

Inko - Whiteboard

Results can be seen on the iOS device of each person connected. The Apple TV fits into all of this with a standalone app that connects to and interacts with all the devices in the room. Sticking with the education focus, students without the app would still be able to see the results on the TV as the teacher and connected students add their input.

Of course, this also makes it a great option for business meetings, design pitches, etc.

Offering more than just real-time drawing connectivity, the Inko includes a host of impressive features:

  • Labels that appear on participants’ drawing trails to show who is currently drawing.
  • Group saving for quick setup of future sessions.
  • A secure TLS connection between devices.
  • Pixel-free images that stay sharp when zooming
  • An unlimited number of personal or group canvases.
  • Extensive Apple Pencil support (angle, pressure, high-speed & predictive sampling).
  • A pen tool with two sizes and one calligraphic variant.
  • An eraser tool with two sizes.
  • Lasso editing: select, move, rescale.
  • An ephemeral highlighter that, on Apple TV, includes motion-driven interaction with the remote, like a laser pointer.

Inko is optimized for iOS 11, offering file sharing, split-view multitasking on the iPad, and more. It can also export hi-res PDFs for use in other applications.

Of course, all of this functionality does come with a price. The free version is limited to personal use and 30-second collaborations, but two purchase options are available:

  1. The Collaboration Pack unlocks collaboration for a one-time purchase of $19.99. All users must purchase this pack in order to participate, but it would be fine for an education setting where only the teacher needs to display the device on the Apple TV.
  2. The Hero Plan is recommended for schools and enterprises. It requires a $11.99 monthly ($99.99 annual) subscription that grants one user the ability to initiate sessions others (such as students) can join using just the free app.

Inko – Whiteboard is available now for iOS and Apple TV. For more information, visit

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