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Published on January 27th, 2019 | by Kirk Hiner


Learn some new songs with Woodshed – Guitar Video Tabs

Back in October of last year, I added Stongsterr to the list of iOS apps I’d love to see ported to tvOS. That hasn’t happened yet, but if you’re looking to learn some new songs on guitar or bass, Woodshed – Guitar Video Tabs for Apple TV may suffice…provided you’re okay with the limited song list.

Woodshed helps guitarists (acoustic and electric) and bassists learn new songs by displaying tabs in sync with music videos streamed from YouTube. The latter isn’t uncommon, as it’s pretty easy to find YouTube videos of people teaching various songs. What makes this app more helpful is the layering of the tabs overtop the video, as pictured above. Viewing both in sync helps you learn the music with the proper fingering, and being able to do so on the Apple TV—with a screen large enough to actually see what’s going on—makes a big difference over the iOS and web-based tab limitations of Songsterr.

Woodshed even supports alternate tunings if the artist chooses to use that for a song.

A major drawback with Woodshed, however, is the limited song list. The developers currently list less than 30 songs in the app description. That’s fine if you’re looking to learn anything just to improve your skills, but not so great if you want to learn specific material. The developers state they’re adding new songs every week and that they take requests, but judging from the current state of their Woodshed site, I’m not sure that’s true.

So, take it for what it is; a free app with a useful guitar tab tutorial structure, but with a limited song list and support. You can check out that list in the App Store, and if there’s anything you want to learn, grab it for Apple TV.

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