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Published on August 28th, 2018 | by Kirk Hiner


One week left on Showtime’s $4.99/month summer special

Cable companies have a long history of offering “free weekends” of premium channels to entice you to add them to your package. Now, the premium channels are offering their own specials.

As we reported earlier this month, Showtime is currently running a summer special in which new subscribers can get access their full programming lineup for $4.99/month for three months. After the promo period, the price will automatically revert to the service’s normal rate of $10.99/month unless you manually cancel your subscription before the trial ends.

Apple TV users should note the promo price is not available directly through the Apple App Store. They should instead subscribe through the company’s website or through the Showtime App, which has been available through the Apple TV App Store since July of 2015. The $4.99 promotional price is not available for subscriptions from Apple TV devices generation 3 or lower.

Once you’re properly set up, Showtime offers a pretty impressive lineup of original content including shows such as Shameless, Homeland and Who is America? Subscribers also get access to a vast catalog of movies and documentaries as well as the network’s original and live sports programming. And, of course, your account allows to you watch on your computer and mobile device as well as the Apple TV.

The $4.99/month special applies only to new Showtime subscribers who sign up on or before September 3, 2018. For more information, visit

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