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Published on December 30th, 2017 | by David Temple


Three great Apple TV apps for New Year’s Eve

Now is the time to celebrate the end of 2017 with your Apple TV. I checked out several New Year’s countdown and fireworks apps for tvOS, and here are three great ones. Break out the munchies, open the sparkling beverage of choice, gather ‘round the TV to ring in the new year.

New Year’s Eve Counter

Developer: Klaus Neuendorf
Price: $0.99

This New Year countdown offers some neat graphics reminiscent of your Apple Watch’s health counters. The countdown clock extends out to a circle each for months, days, hours, minutes, and seconds. If this isn’t enough, you get some fireworks in the background as well.

New Years Eve Counter

What makes this our favorite of the bunch, however, is the built-in truth-or-dare game to pass the time while you wait for the ball to drop. One word of caution—if you take the dare option—do not stick your tongue on the flagpole! Just sayin’.

Download New Year’s Eve Counter

Fantastic Fireworks

Developer: Atikur Rahman
Price: Free with in-app purchases

If you just want looping fireworks, you may as well make them “fantastic.” The first set of fireworks is free, and you can unlock the rest for either $0.99 each or all four for $1.99.

Fantastic Fireworks

Here are the options:

  • Fireworks I – The explosions are fast paced with a sound more like sizzle and pop rather than boom; a bit anemic, but not bad for starters. It looks like the camera was close to the action.
  • Fireworks II – There is a varied pace of explosions and good color variety. The video looks like it was taken from further away and captures some larger explosions nicely.  The sound is a bit fainter but conveys the boom factor a little better.
  • Fireworks III – This is a bit like option I with more fast-paced explosions with smaller bombs. The sound is a bit shrill (too many higher frequencies with no lows to balance it out).
  • Fireworks IV – This is the best of the five options in this app. The sounds are a little quieter; more of a thud than a pop. It’s a good show with a variety of round and starburst pattern shells, and it has a nice mix of colors.
  • Fireworks V – The camera was not too close to the explosions, but all you get are three volleys on a loop. All three are the same type of shell, so it’s just the same pop and crackle on repeat.

Download Fantastic Fireworks

Dazzling Fireworks HD

Developer: Richard Foster
Price: $0.99

Like Fantastic Fireworks, this one forgoes any connection with the new year by focusing entirely on the fireworks experience. It’s worth including here, though, because the HD fireworks are varied and brilliant.

Dazzling Fireworks HD

You can choose the type of fireworks you want to display, adjust the volume to suit the “tone” of your party, and even set a sleep timer. You know, in case you somehow find the sound of fireworks to be relaxing.

Download Dazzling Fireworks HD

So, there you are; three fun apps with countdown clocks, fireworks, games, and, most importantly, no frostbite from waiting outside in single digit temps to see a ball drop a few feet. Enjoy safely and happy New Year from Best Apple TV!

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