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Published on December 14th, 2017 | by Kirk Hiner


What’s new for Apple TV, December 14th, 2017 (updated)

With Apple concentrating on cranking out updates to support tvOS 11.2 over the past seven days, there weren’t many apps to hit the Apple TV App Store the week of December 8th through the 14th. What did hit, though, is worth a look, especially if you’re into games. Check out the full list below to see if anything piques your interest.

New Apple TV Apps

  • LEGO Star Wars Microfighters (Free) – You may have heard there’s a new Star Wars movie out. People seem to like it. If you plan to avoid the theater crowds this weekend you can still get your Star Wars fix with yet another LEGO crossover, this time involving microfighters. Fly four iconic LEGO Star Wars ships like TIE fighters and X-wings as you collect bricks and test your skills as a pilot.
  • INSIDE Game (Free to start, $6.99 to unlock full game) – From Playdead—the company that brought us the award-winning Limbo—comes a successor that IGN says “… expands on the concepts and scope of its predecessor in wildly creative ways.” Kotaku praises its “Gorgeous art and animations, devious puzzle design and…pitch-black sense of humor.” If IGN and Kotaku are giving it love, you may want to as well.
  • Blip – Classic Ping Pong Game (Free) – The recent release of Invaders From Space! left us wishing for a full-on Apple TV Arcade. We’re one app closer with the release of this Pong knockoff. Host it on your Apple TV, and anyone can join in with their iPhone.
  • OjibwayTV (Free) – Think the Apple TV is only good for streaming movies and playing games? You could be using it to learn a new language (or at least expand your horizons). Learn Ojibway and watch Ojibway Language streaming brought to you by Indigenous artists and speakers from Ojibway Indian Country.
  • Reigns: Her Majesty ($2.99) – Technically released last week, but since this is our first weekly update, we’ll give Reigns: Her Majesty some belated love. In this follow-up to the smash “swipe ‘em up” game Reigns, a cultural renaissance has bestowed the world with a new era of knowledge and enlightenment, but greed and jealousy still conspire against the benevolent queen. Players will need to outwit and outlast those that would seek to depose them by swiping left or right, making just (or unjust) decisions on all manner of royal matters. Maintain the balance between the kingdom’s most powerful factions, use mystical items from your inventory, and navigate the increasingly complex politics and personal relationships of your dynasty.

Updated Apple TV Apps

  • SiriusXM Radio for Apple TV (Free; subscription required for access) – Released on December 7 and updated on December 9th to support tvOS 11.2, SiriusXM Radio for Apple TV allows subscribers to  stream commercial-free music right into their living room. Access The Beatles Channel, E Street Radio, The Garth Channel (that Wayne’s World guy?) and plenty of sports, talk, news and comedy. Apple TV users can also enjoy features that let you customize your favorite music channels, listen to SiriusXM shows on Demand, and find exactly what you’re looking for with the added search feature. Requires an Apple TV 4th gen or higher.

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