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Published on December 21st, 2017 | by Kirk Hiner


What’s new for Apple TV, December 21st, 2017

The biggest app to hit Apple TV this past week would have to be the first-person shooter VAST – Cosmic Treasure Hunters, but we already told you about that. Instead, let’s listen to some classical music, explore the United States, and focus on a virtual fidget spinner.

New Apps:

  • Go USA (free) – Wondering where in this big country you’d like to travel next? This app can help. It’s “the official television channel of United States tourism,” showing you the “must-see” places in the United States. It better include Cedar Point. Cedar Point is my favorite thing about America.
  • Fidgeter – Ultimate Spinner (free) – Remember that old Apple commercial: “There’s an app for that?” Still true. Swipe with “your hand finger,” watch, relax, repeat. You can upgrade your spinner and even compete against others.
  • Classical Giants Radio ($0.99) – 24/7 stream of classical pieces from history’s greatest composers. Provides excellent background music for your daily goings-on, and the composers will watch you work via the portraits displayed on screen. Why so angry, Tchaikovsky?
  • KMTV – Watch K-Pop (free) – That would be Korean pop, and who doesn’t want insider access to and streaming videos of Korean Pop? Weekly news, the Genie Top 100 chart, the latest dance and ballad charts, and something called the Best of the Fan Video. Check it out and join us in wishing U.S. pop was half this entertaining. Also, no one’s angry like that sourpuss, Tchaikovsky.

Updated Apps:

  • Tulip Recipes (free) – Looking for something new for dinner tonight? From Denmark? Tulip Recipes offers more than 200 recipes from You may not be able to read the recipes, but bacon is the universal language, right?

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