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Published on January 4th, 2018 | by Kirk Hiner


What’s new for Apple TV, January 4th, 2018

For our first Apple TV app update of 2018 we’ve got…not much, unless you like balls, that is. We’ve got 13 of those. We’ve also got two new radio channels and a handy app for MQTT users. Shall we take a look?

New Apple TV Apps:

  • 13 Balls (free with in-app purchases) – It’s kind of like Plinko, only the object is to remove the pegs, not “luck” your way through them. You decide where to drop the ball, and you want it to ricochet as much as possible so it hits all the pegs to remove them from the screen. You’ve got 13 chances, hence the name. Fail, and you can play again via IAP. Win, and “…you may feel that you have an improved self-worth and a strong desire to gloat to your friends about how much of a ricochet master you are.”
  • Basics for Preschool Kids ($0.99) – I’m not entirely comfortable pointing you to an education app that claims in the description, “The children now a day have a lot of work to do they go school then tutions and bla bla. So we are presenting a better way to world of understanding and learning basic education,” but I’m doing it anyway.
  • iHomeTouch for MQTT (free) – Using MQTT? This Apple TV app allows you to activate Scenes (a series of events all gathered together into one) created in iHomeTouch for the MQTT iOS app.
  • Dance Mix Radio HD ($1.99) – Turn your living room into a rave with this radio channel. Only the “most wanted electronic dance music” streamed to your Apple TV 24/7. Just please don’t move next to me, as I have to get up very early tomorrow.
  • Radio Blues HD ($1.99) – Turn your living room into a blues club with this radio channel. Just please don’t move next to me, as I have to get up very happy tomorrow.

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