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Published on June 7th, 2018 | by Kirk Hiner


What’s new for Apple TV, June 7th, 2018

WWDC 2018 may have us looking to the future of tvOS, but the present has more than enough to keep you satisfied. Check out this week’s rather impressive list of new and updated Apple TV apps, including a couple stunning video games, apps to help you learn, and apps to help you (and your dog) relax.

Prices provided below are accurate at press time. Free downloads are for the app only and may require a subscription or in-app purchases for full functionality.

New Apple TV apps:

  • Silverfish DX ($3.99) – You normally wouldn’t associate the terms “silverfish” and “beautiful,” but you will after playing this gorgeous arcade action game. Weave your way through the space bugs to defeat them.
  • abcJump (free) – Learn the alphabet in a fun, interactive way. Touch the letters in order on a randomized field.
  • Nimian Legends BrightRidge ($2.99) – An open-world fantasy adventure for Apple TV. Help two young heroes discover the secrets of BrightRidge, but make sure you’ve got an MFi gamepad ready.
  • Saboteur! Ⅱ: Avenging Angel (free) – The sister of Ninja—our deceased hero from Saboteur—must break into a high-security compound to alter the course of a nuclear missile. The 8-bit action game comes complete with ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64 modes and offers MFi gamepad support.
  • The Window Channel (free) – Inspiration and relaxation videos for tourist destinations, wellness facilities, and your living room. Requires a subscription to access all features and content.
  • Fantasy Network (free) – Stream fantasy-related independent film and television programs, and even create and submit your own content.

Updated Apple TV apps:

  • WWDC (free) – Still receiving updates as we approach the end of WWDC 2018. This update fixes a tab bug and makes it easier to get to the live sessions.
  • Infuse 5 (free) – Watch almost any video format on your Apple TV. This update adds safeguards for iCloud sync and support for Plex movies along with other improvements. The pro version has been updated, as well.
  • RelaxMyDog – Relaxing Music TV (free) – Music designed to help your dog deal with separation anxiety, thunderstorms, and such. Uses a sound sweep like a dog whistle to hold your dog’s attention to the music.
  • Aquariums Fireplaces AIR RELAX ($3.99) – Over 150 relaxation videos in categories such as meditation, space, aquariums, time lapse, fireplaces and nature.

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