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Published on February 5th, 2018 | by Kirk Hiner


Apple TV needs more games like The Most Unique Game

As we’ve been saying for a while now, a big benefit to gaming on your Apple TV is that the large screen makes it easy for everyone in the room to participate. It’s somewhat unfortunate, then, that so few developers take advantage of this. Classic party games such as Scattergories are available for iOS, but players have to either huddle around a tiny iPhone screen or stare at their own devices instead of each other. It’s not nearly as much fun that way.

This is why we were happy to see that Jeffrey Kempster has updated The Most Unique Game with Apple TV compatibility. Now a universal app, those who download The Most Unique Game for iOS can play the tvOS version, and vice versa.

This is great because the gameplay of The Most Unique Game is perfectly suited for the living room. Players are given a category (for example, “Name five tools you use in the yard”) and tasked with writing down five items that answer that category. If your answer matches someone else’s (something common such “lawnmower”), that answer is thrown out—only “unique” answers get points. The player with the most points for unique answers wins the round. The game opens up a lot of friendly (or heated, depending upon your temperament) debate, and is really pretty fun.

most unique game

The benefit of playing The Most Unique Game on Apple TV is that all of the players can see the category and the timer; you don’t have to rely on one person to control the buzzer and read out topics. The interface is clean and easy to navigate with the Siri Remote, and the app calls out “Time” to let you know when a round ends. After you’ve counted up the scores, simply tap “Next” and you’re on to the another category.

Another benefit to playing a game like this on your Apple TV is that it’s easy to expand. Board games are limited to the amount of content included in the box. Expansions are sometimes available, but they’re not nearly as convenient as just downloading a new pack. The Most Unique Game counts on this, and is in fact how the game makes money. You get the starter kit for free, and can then pay for additional packs. Currently, the following are available for $1.99 each:

  • Entertain Me Pack (celebs, movies, tv, music and art)
  • Gotta Eat Pack (more random categories)
  • The Bigger Pack (more random categories)
  • Magic Pack (Micky Mouse / Disney)

These each add over 75 new categories, so hopefully more are on the way.

It’s a pretty good business model, and I’m surprised more game developers aren’t on board with it. Two of my personal favorites—Taboo and Balderdash—could be easily played with the Apple TV / Siri Remote combo, and it would be great to access a stream of new content via IAP. In fact, there’s apparently enough interest in Taboo that you can get unlicensed cards for the game with the unlicensed Unspeakable – Taboo With Friends app.

For now, though, The Most Unique Game does a great job of filling this space. The starter pack is available for free in the App Store, so grab it now for your next family game night.

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