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BEST Apple TV Games: Hidden Folks

Many of you out there don’t need us to tell you that Hidden Folks is one of best games available for Apple TV. Apple did that themselves when they selected it as the 2017 App Store Game of the Year. Hidden Folks currently has a 5-star user rating in the App Store, and we want to make sure you’re amongst those have played this wonderful and unique hidden object game by Adriaan de Jongh.

Before that description turns you away, you have to understand that Hidden Folks is not the type of game where you solve romantic mysteries by seeking out random objects in cluttered attics. The screen captures here should make that clear.

Hidden Folks

Everything in the game is hand drawn and animated in black and white line art (sepia and lower contrast night modes are also available). The diverse locations include farms, office buildings, cities, ski slopes, and plenty more, all of which are densely populated. The game provides you with a number of objects/people to find and gives you some clues to help you out.

However, this isn’t a “Where’s Waldo” knockoff that just requires you to find the object. As the title implies, they’re often hidden. You’ll have to open doors, move foliage, dig holes, and plenty more, but the game’s not solved by random clicking. As mentioned earlier, clues are provided, and you’ll need them due to the sheer size of the puzzle areas.

Another unique aspect of Hidden Folks is the game’s audio. Give it a listen:

All special effects are voice recorded (over 1,600, in fact), creating a whimsical, charming atmosphere. I thought this was grow old on me after a while, but it actually worked the other way, providing an almost calming effect. The video above also shows how the animations bring these locations to life, so be sure to watch it.

Two factors help this game work so well on Apple TV. First, the large screen TV is the best way to see and find the objects you seek. The iPhone cuts the scenes into smaller segments, requiring way too much scrolling (iCloud saves are supported, so you can sync up your progress with the iOS version if you do want to play it that way). The Mac version is much better, but only Apple TV provides a display large enough for multiple people to comfortably help out.

Second, it’s very easy to play with the Siri Remote. Swipe to move your cursore, and click to select. No gamepad is required.

For $3.99, Hidden Folks provides over 25 areas in which to find over 250 targets (with no ads, of course). For $1.99 more you can unlock a series of beach locations to add to the fun.

Hidden Folks

If you haven’t already, do yourself a favor and check it out now in the App Store. For more information, visit

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