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BEST Apple TV Games: RPGolf

“It’s dangerous to go alone.” You’ve surely heard that warning before, but while being handed a golf club?

Such is the adventure facing you in RPGolf, a game which is perfectly explained by its title. It’s a golf sim with RPG elements. Or it’s an RPG with golf sim elements. Whichever way you consider it, RPGolf is a fun little diversion on your Apple TV, provided you’re not expecting something bigger.

The story, as one would expect form any RPG worth discussing, involves a kingdom in peril and a young hero who must save it. The twist is that this kingdom is a giant golf course. It’s people are golf-obsessed, so much so that they became complacent and were easily invaded “hole by hole, dungeon by dungeon” by monsters who drove them from the game.

Enter our hero, a brave girl with a talent for swinging a golf club at balls and monsters. She’s determined to play the greatest nine holes of golf ever, ridding the kingdom of monsters in the process.

The game winks directly at The Legend of Zelda in story and in presentation. Parts of it are very funny, and working your way through this world will have you fondly recalling the adventures from your childhood. That may be enough to drive you through RPGolf, which is good because neither the RPG elements nor the golf gameplay would stand up well on their own. Both portions are too easy, requiring little strategy or skill. They also don’t always blend together as well as they should.

Ultimately, though, that doesn’t matter. Completable in just a few hours, RPGolf is short enough that it doesn’t wear out its welcome, but long enough to justify the $2.99 price.


What does matter is your method of control. You can play RPGolf with the Siri Remote, but developer Chorus Worldwide suggested when providing us with the promo code that it’s better with a game pad. They’re right. The game pushes through the Siri Remote tutorial too quickly to make it helpful. Worse, the layout of the Siri Remote makes for some wildly unintuitive controls, making world travel and boss battles equally cumbersome.

That means we have some stipulations here, but if all of the elements come together—if you have a game pad, if you have a love of Zelda-based retro RPGs, and if you have a few hours to kill—RPGolf is a fun and funny way to spend $3.00. Also, it works better as an Apple TV game than an iPhone game, as the Zelda homage is more effective on the bigger screen. Because RPGolf supports cloud saves, you can pick up your adventure on either device.

I’d love to see a sequel (The Adventures of the Links?) that’s longer and better integrates the two genres, but this is still great place to start your golfing adventure. RPGolf is available now in the App Store for $2.99. For more information, visit

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