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Best Apple TV Games: Tennis Champs TV

There’s something about tennis that makes for a great sports sim. As with golf, you can find a quality tennis game on pretty much any platform that takes sports titles. And with Tennis Champs TV, you’ve got one on your Apple TV.

Originally released as Tennis Champs for the Atari Amiga, the game has been updated by its original developer with enhanced graphics, improved ball physics and computer opponent intelligence, and more. Daily challenges and a new career mode have been implemented because that’s just what games do now. Most important for Apple TV users, however, will be MFi controller support. Although you can play the game with the Siri Remote, a gamepad such as the SteelSeries Nimbus greatly enhances the gameplay.

An iOS update of Tennis Champs was released in 2016 with a new interface designed for touchscreens, which the tvOS version obviously doesn’t use. The importance of properly timing your shots remains, and that’s the trickiest bit to master. An expansive tutorial helps, however, and it won’t be long before you’re challenging your way through career mode.

Tennis Champs TV

You don’t have to rely on the tutorial to train, however. Tennis Champs TV also offers quick matches that allow you to choose your opponent and preferred court (affecting ball bounce and speed) and get right into the game. This is especially fun if you have a friend (or three) ready to play, provided each has an MFi controller. Online multiplayer is not available, but the game does use cloud saves in case you want to keep your career in line with the iOS version.

No matter how you play it, Tennis Champs TV offers plenty of fast-paced arcade action. Daily challenges will give you the incentive to keep checking in, which will also help you get better. This is important because with 200 available opponents in career mode it’s easy to get frustrated when you face setbacks (and you will). The daily challenges also provide you with rewards that will help you on your way, and possibly save you some money.

Tennis Champs TV

That’s because, unfortunately, Tennis Champs TV is a freemium app. You can pay nothing to get started and have a good deal of fun, but there are in-app purchases ready to take your money. The smartest of these is the $1.99 VIP pass that removes the game’s ads.

Despite its retro appearance and arcade-style gameplay, Tennis Champs TV has a surprising amount of depth. Making it to the top will take plenty of time and practice, but the game’s bright colors and simple controls (once you get used to its system) will help you push through the fits of frustration. Sports fans should definitely give it a try, and don’t be surprised if it becomes the type of game that sees you firing up your Apple TV just to play a few matches.

Tennis Champs TV is available now for free in the App Store. For more information, visit

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