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Published on April 25th, 2018 | by Kirk Hiner


Bring It! Lost in Harmony for Apple TV

Looking at the gaming options available for Apple TV, I’m surprised there aren’t more rhythm-based games on the list. The Siri Remote may not be much of a gaming controller, but it can certainly record a flick or a swipe, making it perfectly suited to titles such as Digixart Entertainment’s Lost in Harmony.

More than just a mindless exercise in tapping and swiping, the first part of Lost in Harmony tells a compelling story of a girl, Aya, who learns she has cancer, and of her friend’s efforts to help her deal with it. The story is told through text messaging; Aya updates Kaito on her condition, and he enters dreamworlds that reflect his emotions, skateboarding through myriad hazards while metaphorically carrying her on his back. The gorgeous environments through which the two race—chaotic, serene, dreamlike and terrifying—reflect the emotions with which the characters must cope, and would look stunning on a 4K TV display.

Lost in Harmony

Although the story and visuals are worth carrying over, it’s the gameplay that makes Lost in Harmony a great Apple TV option…albeit with some necessary modifications. Although a rhythm game at heart, it’s very much an endless-runner as well. You have to swipe left/right and jump to obstacles, all to the beat of the music. This could be easily handled by swiping on the Siri Remote or even just flicking it in the direction you need to go.

The iPhone version requires some precise position tapping during certain segments which could not be replicated with the Siri Remote. The easiest way around this would be to simply require a well-timed tap or click as opposed to also requiring the position.

And finally, it helps that the horizontal orientation of the iPhone version is already optimized for TV display.

With just that one basic control change, then, Lost in Harmony could make a fantastic transition to tvOS. With its excellent artwork and sweeping soundtrack (featuring modern takes on classical music from musicians and composers such as Wyclef Jean, Tadayoshi Makino, and Godspeed Vivix), Lost in Harmony deserves a bigger experience than what the iPhone can provide.

Lost in Harmony is available for free in the App Store, with in-app purchases. The most important is the $3.99 purchase to unlock unlimited lives. This must have been Digixart’s answer for a free app, as the game cost $3.99 outright on its original release. From there, you can also pay to unlock all levels, get cosmetic upgrades, etc. Additional stories, when added have been done so for free.

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