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Published on March 19th, 2018 | by Kirk Hiner


Bring It! Oddmar for Apple TV

Our Bring It! column has thus far focused on iOS apps and games we’ve enjoyed on the iPhone or iPad. This time around, I’m looking ahead a bit, with hopes that the recently announced Oddmar will get an Apple TV version soon after its iOS release this spring.

My excitement for the game stems from the fact that it’s being developed by Senri, the team that brought us Leo’s Fortune. A 2014 WWDC Apple Design Award-winner, Leo’s Fortune is a platform adventure that was designed for mobile devices but plays better with a gamepad. It’s also a gorgeous game that quickly became a favorite way to show off the Apple TV when the tvOS version was released.

Now, Senri and developer MobGe have announced Oddmar. It’s another action-adventure platformer, but this time inspired by Vikings and Norse mythology.

Play as Oddmar, a Viking struggling to find his way among his people and become worthy of the afterlife’s great hall of heroes, Valhalla. When a magical mushroom grants him new powers, Oddmar is offered one final chance to redeem his potential on an epic adventure.

Play through 24 beautifully handcrafted levels of physics-based puzzles and platforming challenges. Encounter new friends and foes, including behemoth boss battles, on a journey through vibrant environments like mystical fairy forests, snowy mountains and darkly treacherous mines. Unlock your true power with magically imbued weapons and shields that can be discovered throughout the game.

There are other names we need to mention here, as Oddmar’s story is written by Frank Gibson (The Amazing World of Gumball comic book series) and narrated by Julian Casey (We Happy Few and the Assassin’s Creed series). The game’s music by Pär Svensson incorporates Nordic folk instruments to complement this hand-animated world of Vikings.

In other words, it looks to be another visual feast with a fantastic team behind it.

Unfortunately, it was announced only for iOS. We followed up to see if Oddmar will also be released for Apple TV, and were told, “No plans just yet for a tvOS release.”

So, the “just yet” is encouraging. Considering Leo’s Fortune came our way, we’re hopeful the same will eventually happen for Oddmar. The moment an announcement is made, we’ll be sure to let you know.

While we’re waiting, we’ll be able to play Oddmar for iOS when it launches this spring for $4.99. As with Leo’s Fortune before it, there will be no in-app purchases.

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