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Published on June 4th, 2016 | by Kirk Hiner


Bring It! Tengami for Apple TV

The first time I played Tengami was on the iPad. Although a relatively short and casual gaming experience, I loved every minute of it, stating that, “If I could set this game to play automatically from start to finish and then loop, I’d hang my iPad on the wall and just let it run 24 hours a day.” This is because the game is beautifully presented through pop-up book style visuals, enhanced with traditional Japanese music and subtle ambient effects.

Tengami is a tale of isolation. It starts with a lone cherry tree slowly dying as its last blossoms are released into the wind. A man sitting beneath the tree sets out to retrieve the blossoms, each of which has blown into a different but equally isolated land.

To complete this journey, you will need to guide the man through numerous pop-up book puzzles, folding and turning the landscape to enter a boat, create stairs, turn on lights, etc., to reach previously inaccessible areas.


But playing the game isn’t just about solving these puzzles, it’s also about finding them. Your powers of observation (and some trial and error) is all you’ll need to complete your journey. Visuals cues provide some clue on where to look, and quite often the answers are hidden within the folds themselves.

Playing Tengami on the iPad or iPhone provides an intimate and calming gaming experience, but its gorgeous visuals and vivid colors/textures practically beg to be viewed on your widescreen TV.


Mac and console versions are already available, but they come with the advantage of having proper interfaces for the amount of clicking and dragging necessary. Tengami would be awkward if adapted to a MFi controller, but could be done with the touch interface of the Siri Remote; slide your thumb (with on an onscreen visual indicator) to reach the proper puzzle item, click, then slide to move the item in the direction necessary (or perhaps just tilt the remote in that direction). Character movement could be a simple matter of dragging in the direction you want to move, there would just need to be a way to switch between the character and cursor.

Tengami was originally released for iOS in 2014. We haven’t seen anything from developer Nyamyam since then, so hopefully they’re working on a new game with a longer story (Tengami can be completed in a little over an hour).

In the meantime, Tengami for Apple TV would provide us with yet another reason to sit down with others to share a beautiful and engrossing puzzle/adventure gaming experience.

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