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Published on April 13th, 2018 | by Kirk Hiner


Apple TV-exclusive first-person shooter VAST is getting rebuilt

In December of 2017, Astrogun, LLC released VAST – Cosmic Treasure Hunters for Apple TV. What made the announcement special wasn’t that it’s an “… anime-flavored sci-fi action-adventure first-person shooter …” but that the game is exclusive to tvOS. Furthering their show of support for Apple TV, Astrogun has now announced that VAST will be getting a complete rebuild in May.

Astrogun explains, “The focus of this forthcoming revision was put on overhauling graphics rendering and presentation, while completely rebuilding Episode 1 with all-new environment art modeling, texturing, and level design.”

Project Lead Xander Davis doesn’t want this to be understated. “The leap in performance and visual fidelity that VAST is getting is the equivalent to that seen in a generational leap in consoles. It’s only been a few months since soft-launch, and yet you used to have to wait a decade to get this kind of improvement in your favorite game franchise, both as gamers and as a development studio. We are pushing the brand-new Apple TV 4K and its A10X Fusion chip with Apple’s Metal graphics API to the absolute max, reaching parity with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One level visuals.”

Whoa. PS4 visuals? They certainly have our attention, and hopefully yours (and Apple’s) as well, especially considering VAST is already one of the better-looking games available for Apple TV.

It also explains why this episodic game hasn’t received new episodes during its soft launch; if a major overhaul is in the works, best to slow down and let players experience as much of the game as possible with the enhanced version. Astrogun offers plenty of detail on what’s going into the rebuild, so head on over to their site if you’re interested in the nuts and bolts of game development. We’d rather make sure you just know about the game itself.

In VAST™, you play as Enzo, the security cyborg on the Aces High expedition starship, owned and captained by cat Michu, piloted by blue-skinned hot-shot Yori, and led around the galaxy by their exo-archeologist frog-man Jasper. When the team arrives at the mythical Frozen Star, they find their ship is in need of repair with the Vorid horde hot on their trail. But what lurks around them in the Vast? Find out in this fast-paced run-and-gun sci-fi action adventure!

It’s worth noting that VAST requires an Apple TV 4K and a gamepad such as the Steelseries Nimbus to play. If that’s your setup, head on over to the App Store to get the game at the soft-launch price of $9.99 with no ads or in-app purchases. The rebuild will be a free update for owners of the current version.

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