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Published on November 26th, 2017 | by Kirk Hiner


Hit the links (and monsters) with RPGolf for Apple TV and iOS devices

I quit playing golf when it became apparent I was having more fun driving the cart than actually swinging a club. Perhaps that would’ve been different if I’d been able to swing the club to hit monsters and to explore dungeons all Legend-of-Zelda-style between strokes.

Chorus Worldwide has released a new game for iOS and tvOS called RPGolf. The title reflects the gameplay; RPGolf is a clever mashup of 8-bit JRPG (Japanese role-playing game) action and an arcade-style golfing sim.

And as you’d expect from a JRPG, the setup is absolutely bonkers. You live in a kingdom which has become the most beautiful golf course in the world. The people are happy and prosperous, playing golf day and night. But then…

In its obsession with golf, the people had become complacent, leaving the kingdom open to attack. Hole by hole, dungeon by dungeon, the monsters emerged and drove the people off the course. And a great sadness fell across the world.

Then one day, a brave girl appeared, determined to play the finest course in the world. Armed only with her golf club, she would set forth to play the nine legendary holes. But first, she would need to rid the land of the monsters…

I wonder if perhaps we Americans aren’t too far removed from such a reality.

But let’s focus on the game to avoid trouble. As you’d expect from an RPG, RPGolf allows the player to level up by battling monsters, which in turn allows you to hit the ball further. Sounds like a better way to improve your swing than with magazine subscriptions and over-priced lessons, right? In addition, new clubs and gloves scattered around the world will improve your golf game and give you the edge in combat.

Additional features include:

  • Retro gaming graphics
  • Simple, intuitive controls (with MFi gamepad support)
  • 9 holes of golf to discover
  • Dungeons to explore and loot
  • Boss fights

With only 9 holes to play, RPGolf will likely be a pretty quick play. However, at only $2.99 (with no IAPs), it’s a much better deal than an actual round of golf…and likely won’t be overshadowed by the joy of pushing your golf cart beyond its capabilities (and the rules of the course).

RPGolf is available now in the App Store and through the AppStore on Apple TV. For more information, visit

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