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Published on February 10th, 2018 | by Kirk Hiner


“Hyperdisc Frenzy” has figured out Apple TV gaming controls

As I’ve mentioned here numerous times, there are two major barriers to the acceptance of Apple TV gaming. The first is that Apple doesn’t care about it, and therefore does little to promote it. The second is the Siri Remote. Although it’s pretty handy for finding the shows you want to watch, it’s not exactly useful when it comes to piloting spaceships, avoiding lava pits or scoring goals.

Developing a game with the hope that potential buyers are equipped with a wireless game controller such as SteelSeries Nimbus is not a good business strategy. Perhaps this is why 3 Minute Games and Big Fish Games decided to include support for pretty much everything with Hyperdisc Frenzy for Apple TV.

According to the game’s description, Hyperdisc Frenzy is, “Like air hockey on steroids… a madcap rush for victory in the shortest time possible.”  It was released and last updated in 2015, and even back then they created a control scheme that suits your personal preferences…and those of up to five friends.

When you launch the app and select the number of players, any players with a device that’s connected to the Apple TV can join in. This includes the Siri Remote, any connected wireless gamepad, and anyone with an iPhone or iPad and the Hyperdisc Frenzy Controller app.

hyperdisc frenzy controller

Up to six people can play, with each player joining in with his device of choice. Of course, you don’t need five friends; you can play on your own against the AI, but even then it’s good to have control options at your disposal.

So, if you enjoy gaming with friends around your Apple TV and you’ve long since grown tired of Beat Sports. Hyperdisc Frenzy should liven the party once again. It’s available now in the App Store for $0.99, just make sure your buddies have the free controller app updated. You can also give them each a MFi controller, but we wouldn’t expect anyone to ever be that excited about Apple TV gaming.

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