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Published on December 8th, 2017 | by Kirk Hiner


Invaders From Space! has us considering an Apple TV Arcade

Looking for newly released Apple TV apps to tell you about, I came across Invaders From Space! by Object Enterprises. As you likely gleaned from the title (and the image above), it’s pretty much just a knockoff of Space Invaders. I’m not sure about the legality of it all, since I don’t think you can repackage classic arcade games with new names such as Command the Missiles, Man of the Pac, and Zone of Battles and manage to avoid copyright issues, but hey; Apple approved it, so who am I to question it?

All I know about Invaders From Space! is what’s written up in the App Store: “No Menus, no in-app-purchases, just the nostalgia.” Give the people what they want, they say, and for $1.99 Invaders From Space! gives Space Invaders fans everything they’d want except for a few protective barriers.

It looks like it’s worth a try, but I’d like to see something more. I’d like an entire channel of arcade apps where I could go in and pick from some of the classic machines from the late 70s and early 80s. Licensing issues would prevent a complete arcade, of course, so they’d have to be released in separate packages. There’s also the matter of control, as most of the games would require a MFi gamepad to mimic the arcade inputs. Not all of them, however, and I’ve put together a shortlist of classic arcade games that could work well with the Siri Remote.

  • Frogger – Honestly, aren’t we’re already playing this game with Crossy Road? The swiping could get frustrating as the game progresses, but so did the joystick, which always seemed to be busted at the arcades anyway.
  • Tail Gunner – Remember this one? You had to shoot alien spaceships before they passed by you, watching them explode in full vector glory. Aim your reticle with the Siri Remote accelerometer, use the buttons to fire and raise the shield. Perfect.
  • Moon Patrol – This may not be one of the better games from the era, but I’ll fondly remember it as the one I could always play when the lines to the more popular machines were five people deep. Swipe left and right on the Siri Remote touchpad to slow down and speed up, use the buttons to fire and jump, and hope the Donkey Kong machine frees up soon.

  • Zaxxon – This one would rely heavily on the Siri Remote accelerometer, but at least the game has an altitude meter on the left of the screen to let you know where you are. It also requires only one fire button, which could actually be helped but a perpetual auto-fire feature. There was never really a reason to stop shooting in this game, anyway.
  • Marble Madness – This one has no buttons to worry about but would need some very precise accelerometer controls. In fact, short of the original’s trackball, accelerometer control could be the best way to play Marble Madness.

As I mentioned, this is just a short list, but a pretty good starting point for the grand opening of our new Apple TV Arcade. In the meantime, Invaders From Space!

How about you? What machines would we have to stock in order for you to spend time at Apple TV Arcade on a weekend night?

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