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Published on April 27th, 2018 | by Kirk Hiner


Kill Shot Bravo gets a Neon Nightmare update

As if the current 2,400+ missions available in Kill Shot Bravo: Sniper FPS weren’t enough, the latest update adds 50 more.

Available from Hothead Games for iOS and Apple TV, Kill Shot Bravo: Sniper FPS places the player in the role of a Special Forces soldier who must eliminate “… hostile forces and terrorist organizations that stand in the way of a peaceful world.” Players take on missions across the globe in search of terror threats, and will:

  • Commandeer vehicles to turn the tide of battle. Navigate close quarter combat down narrow alleys in the back of a jeep, or take out hostile threats by air in hazardous helicopter missions.
  • Complete breach missions to enter occupied buildings and clear them of any threat. Survive a full on enemy attack in multiplayer assault missions and outshoot your opponent.
  • Move through environments to find the best sniper vantage points and take the all-important “kill shot.”

Gameplay features include PvP sniper duels, alliances for assistance in high-risk missions, bounty and zombie events, and Game Center leaderboards and achievements.

This week Hothead added the Region 35 Neon Nightmare update.

Our base in Neo Metro, the world’s most advanced metropolis, has been compromised! Traitors and thieves have infiltrated our facilities and absconded with billions in weapons and technology, killing many of our best agents. A terrorist faction calling themselves The New Oktaybr has claimed responsibility, and now chaos rules the neon stained streets of Neo Metro. Time for you to step in and deliver some vengeance!

Hunt down the enemy through fifty all-new Primary missions in a dazzling downtown metropolis, then infiltrate the seedy underbelly of the city in fifteen pulse-pounding Breach missions! Compete against other players to see who can deliver the most justice in Assault mode. Solve the case of the base break-in and exact maximum punishment on the masterminds behind the attack in five new Black Ops missions – including a surprise visit from an old friend. Finally, if you survive all that, throw yourself into the craziest set of Battle Hardened missions ever for the ultimate challenge.

Kill Shot Bravo: Sniper FPS is available now for free in the App Store, but with plenty of options for in-app purchases. For more information, visit

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