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Published on February 18th, 2018 | by Kirk Hiner


RPGolf updated for Apple TV

About a month ago we told you about RPGolf and declared it one of the BEST Apple TV games available. One half retro RPG and one half golf sim, it’s a fun but quick gaming diversion. Perhaps too quick.

But good news, adventurers! If you picked it up and played through it already, RPGolf was just updated with plenty of new content for those who would use their golf skills to save the kingdom.


First, a bit about the game. From our review:

The story, as one would expect form any RPG worth discussing, involves a kingdom in peril and a young hero who must save it. The twist is that this kingdom is a giant golf course. It’s people are golf-obsessed, so much so that they became complacent and were easily invaded “hole by hole, dungeon by dungeon” by monsters who drove them from the game.

Enter our hero, a brave girl with a talent for swinging a golf club at balls and monsters. She’s determined to play the greatest nine holes of golf ever, ridding the kingdom of monsters in the process.

We also stated that “… if you have a game pad, if you have a love of Zelda-based retro RPGs, and if you have a few hours to kill—RPGolf is a fun and funny way to spend $3.00.” The part about the game pad is important, as the Siri Remote interferes with the action. That said, with this weekend’s update, you get a little more for your investment. RPGolf v1.1 adds a new dungeon, a new boss to fight, and a new unique club to unlock. It also adjusts club efficiency depending upon the terrain and includes some bug fixes.

If you haven’t picked it up, there’s even better news; the game is now only $0.99, down from $2.99 when the game was released. Even without the new content, the game is well worth the investment.

RPGolf is available now in the App Store. For more information, visit

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