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BEST Apple TV Games: Sky Gamblers: Infinite Jets

Firstly, I would like to apologize to the city of San Francisco for crashing my jet into one of their nice office buildings during the training mission in Sky Gamblers: Infinite Jets from Atypical Games.

Yes, my jet exploded in a spectacular fireball and your building didn’t seem to suffer any damage at all, but it was inexcusable and it will never happen again.

This being an arcade flight/combat sim, you can play Sky Gamblers: Infinite Jets on your mobile device using the accelerometer; tip your device to climb, dive, turn, and bank. It’s pretty intuitive and precise, so good one there. Where the game really shines, however, is on your Apple TV with a MFi gamepad. I used a Steel Series Nimbus (I believe my colleagues may have mentioned that) and things went mostly well.

sky gamblers infinite jets

Be careful where you set your control sensitivity—too low and the plane gets really sluggish, too high and it gets difficult to get your targeting reticle where you want. By the way, the game default for the Y-asix is to make pushing the stick away from you equal to climb. This is the opposite of actual aircraft joystick behavior, and was really disorienting the first time I played.

Sky Gamblers Infinite Jets

Sky Gamblers: Infinite Jets even has some special moves for the + button on your controller. These are hard turns which, in the real world, only very good pilots would even think of attempting. In the game, you can pull them off by pressing a button with no nasty G-force repercussions, but you do run the risk of stalling and falling out of the sky. The easy solution is to quickly level out and hit the throttle/boost to fly on.

The single-player missions in Sky Gamblers: Infinite Jets don’t stray much from the kill-or-be-killed formula. That’s because they mainly serve as practice for the spectacular online PvP and PvE dogfights with up to 14 simultaneous combatants. No matter whom you’re fighting, you’ve got missiles, guns, and chaff at your disposal, along with the helpful HUD indicators.

The game does a good job with the range of possibilities you can face in aerial combat, and the planes can be upgraded and you’ll unlock new aircraft as you progress. That’s kind of the hook, really, as you can enhance your planes cosmetically and functionally via IAPs if it’s not happening fast enough through gameplay.

The graphics are pretty good and there is no extraneous soundtrack, but who needs one when you have the sound of jet engines and all sorts of alarms going off?

sky gamblers infinite jets

If you’re into online dogfights, Sky Gamblers: Infinite Jets is easily one of the best flight combat sims available for Apple TV, both in gameplay and presentation. There are over 100 airplanes to acquire, but getting them all will either involve plenty of level grinding or some extra payments beyond the initial $4.99 investment. You can play it with your Siri Remote, but we don’t recommend that.

Sky Gamblers: Infinite Jets is available now in the App Store for $4.99. For more information, visit

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