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Published on September 25th, 2018 | by Kirk Hiner


Teslagrad coming to Apple TV in October

Playdigious—the company that brought games such as Evoland 2 and to Apple TV—has a new adventure headed our way. Preorders are now being taken for the tvOS version of Teslagrad, a 2D “hand-drawn magnetic puzzler” originally released for consoles and computer.

Developed by Rain Games, Teslagrad gives players the unique ability to control the action with magnetism. Using ancient Teslamancer technology, players will explore the Tesla Tower to discover its long-abandoned secrets and overcome a huge variety of challenges and enigmas along the way.

Gameplay is being carefully adapted for its move to mobile devices, but that won’t come into play on the Apple TV; we’re fairly confident you’re going to want a third-party MFi gamepad for this one.

The iOS and tvOS version of Teslagrad will feature:

  • Unique, hand-made graphics
  • Innovative gameplay with different mechanics to unlock
  • 100% text-free visual storytelling
  • A steampunk setting inspired by old-world Europe
  • Old-school boss fights
  • A freely explorable game map with no loading screens, GUI or cutscenes

The biggest feature for many gamers, however, is that Teslagrad will be available via a one-time purchase of $4.99. No ads, no in-app purchases.

Teslagrad won’t be available October 24th, but preorders are now being accepted in the App Store. For more information, visit

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