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Published on April 26th, 2018 | by Kirk Hiner


What’s new for Apple TV, April 26th, 2018

Whether you’d rather protect the magic mushrooms from the evil Frog King, heal your mind with essential oils or practice your penalty kick, there are new and updated Apple TV apps to keep you busy. This week brings us one of the more impressive round-ups of late, so check out the best of the bunch below.

New Apple TV Apps:

  • Mushroom Guardian – The evil Frog King and his army are trying to steal the magic mushrooms, as evil frog kings are wont to do. It’s up to you to save them across 20 levels of arcade action. Check out the game’s fantastic graphics and level design.
  • UpNextTV – A forum for musicians, athletes, film directors and companies looking to broadcast their content to a worldwide audience.
  • LiBot Adventure – Control the Lithium Spherical Robot (LiBot) to collect coins while avoiding mystical crates and stone monsters. An open source game built with Unity game engine.
  • Health With Essential Oils – Go deeper in understanding the value of essential oils to help heal the mind and body.
  • Bossa Nova TV – Free access to interviews, documentaries, special reports and the best of Brazilian music, everywhere, on any device.

Updated Apple TV Apps:

  • Plex – Organize, access, and stream your media on Apple TV and other devices. Plex now features customized, trusted video news from local and global publishers.
  • Rayman Adventures – The Golden Marathon arrives on this platformer game from Ubisoft. Easily one of the best games available for Apple TV.
  • Filmstruck – The exclusive streaming home of TCM Select and The Criterion Collection, Filmstrucks provides subscribers with movies ranging from Hollywood classics to independent, foreign and cult cinema.
  • Hallmark Movies Now – Give your mom something to watch next time she comes over to babysit the kids.
  • Final Kick – Don’t worry, it’s not actually the final kick. There will be many in this penalty kick soccer game complete with real-time multiplayer and online/local tournaments.

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