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Published on January 31st, 2019 | by Kirk Hiner


What’s new for Apple TV, January 31st, 2019

The new Apple TV apps this week focus on delivering content: recipes, relaxation, cancer information, and “true” stories about dogmen and bigfoot. We also see updates to give puzzle games more MFI controller support, racing games more cars and events, and streaming channels more Popeye.

Prices provided below are accurate at press time. Free downloads are for the app only and may require a subscription or in-app purchases for full functionality.

New Apple TV Apps:

  • TriviaMaker TV (free) – Companion app for TriviaMaker allows you to play your custom trivia games on Apple TV. Check out our full writeup.
  • SurvivorNet (free) – A video-based, educational consumer media resource for information about cancer.
  • Chillax TV (free) – Collection of six HD relaxation videos: fireplace, forest, a waving palm tree, sea waves, snow, and…a coffee shop?
  • FoodyTV (free) – A food network that aims to revolutionize how chefs and viewers connect over the food content they love.
  • Darkness Prevails (free) – Direct access to the Darkness Prevails YouTube channel for when you want to watch “true” scary stories about ghosts, skinwalker, dogmen, bigfoot and the like.

Updated Apple TV Apps:

  • Asphalt 8 (free) –Gameloft’s award-winning mobile racing game gets a significant update for the Lunar New Year celebration: “…a new environment, fresh events, and enough new rides to bring holiday cheer to racers everywhere! “
  • Choppa (free) – This popular physics-based arcade/action game has been updated with a survival mode and new choppers, and they’ve removed ads!
  • Boomerang – Cartoons & Movies (free) – A Boomerang update means new cartoons, and this time around that includes content such as Scooby-Doo & Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Care Bears: Unlock the Magic, and classic Max Fleischer Popeye cartoons from the 1930s.
  • Kenshō ($3.99) – I love to see this. Kenshō is a block-matching puzzle game rich visual effects and unfolding narrative, and it now supports MFi gamepads on Apple TV.
  • Universal Zoom ($3.99) – “Learn about sizes, distances, and units of measurement both metric and imperial in an intuitive way.” Because sometimes in life you just want to know how tall the Eifel Tower is compared to subatomic particles or various animals.

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