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Published on July 12th, 2018 | by Kirk Hiner


What’s new for Apple TV, July 12th, 2018

Exhibit art, explore the Unknown City, and brave the rapids with this week’s new Apple TV apps. A couple Ubisoft games get big updates, too, and gets even more helpful. Check out all this and more below.

Prices provided below are accurate at press time. Free downloads are for the app only and may require a subscription or in-app purchases for full functionality.

New Apple TV Apps:

  • Kreoz Art (free) – Aims to be the Spotify of the art world, focusing on emerging artists. Plenty of constantly evolving artwork to display on your Apple TV.
  • Garage – Action Sports (free) – a.k.a. surfing movies and TV shows.
  • Rowan McPaddles – River Rush (free) – Because with a name like Rowan McPaddles, what else can you be but a rapids daredevil? Certainly not an actor or school principal. Avoid dangerous creatures and obstacles while paddling down the Bad Bad River. Maybe he could’ve been an actor…of sorts.
  • The Unknown City (free) – I grew up in such a place, but thankfully it had fewer monsters. This is part one of an episodic first-person shooter for mature audiences.
  • UFOTV (free) – “The mission of UFOTV® is to inform the public about Suppressed Science and Conspiracies that affect our daily lives.” The truth is out there, I’ve been told.

Updated Apple TV Apps:

  • Trials Frontier (free) – This skill-based racing game from Ubisoft receives an X Game Minneapolis 2018 update. You can also try a stunt called The Superman. I have no idea if these two items are related.
  • (free) – “We improved your overall experience.” Isn’t that the very reason why exists? Thousands of technology, creative and business skills courses available on demand.
  • Philo (free) – Streaming TV offers more than 45 channels for $16 a month. Check out our full write-up.
  • Rayman Adventures (free) – The beloved (and very impressive) platformer from Ubisoft goes intergalactic. Climb aboard the Ray-one to join the virtual spaceflight.
  • SketchParty TV ($4.99) – This Pictionary-like game for Apple TV (and an iPad for the sketching part) has been updated with improved compatibility and drawing accuracy.

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