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Published on March 18th, 2018 | by Kirk Hiner


Your Runventure awaits on Apple TV

We briefly mentioned in our most recent new and updated Apple TV apps roundup that Runventure is now available for Apple TV, but we thought this colorful and slickly designed game deserves a more in-depth look.

From Digital Melody Games, Runventure is a platformer that requires only one finger to play, making it a perfect fit for the Siri Remote. You may think you know how that works if you’ve played Super Mario Run on your iPhone or iPad, but it’s handled differently here. Check it out:

That video was was for the iOS version, of course, but you get the idea with the jump slider. On the Apple TV, the layout is actually more conducive to horizontal platforming.


If the video didn’t make it clear, in Runventure you will:

Jump into the action and explore mysterious lands in search of treasures. Avoid the danger, run through various locations. Jungles, temples, castles and many other places loaded with deadly traps and hordes of enemies. Use your reflexes to jump over hot lava, or rope swing over piranha pools [and] escape the deadly skeletons and hungry wolves.

The game offers more than just running and jumping. As you progress, you will build a team of experienced explorers and level them up to help complete challenges and unlock treasures.

Runventure for Apple TV is available now in the App Store for free (with in-app purchases). More information is available at

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