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Zen Pinball gets two new Star Wars tables

Unlike with video games, some of the best pinball tables at the local arcade, truck stop, and movie theater have movie tie-ins. And thanks to Zen Studios, it’s the same virtual pinball. Zen Pinball features tables based on Alien, The Walking Dead, Marvel Comics, and more, and they’ve now added two new Star Wars tables to the mix.

The Last Jedi table is based on the movie’s plot while the Ahch-To Island table focuses entirely on Luke Skywalker’s hideaway. To get an idea of the gaming experience these new tables provide, check out the video below (with gameplay that likely won’t be quite so shiny on Apple TV).

In addition to the two new Star Wars downloads, Zen Pinball features dozens of tables with original themes along with those based on entertainment properties such as Jurassic Park and Back to the Future. New tables are released regularly so we expect it won’t be long before you’re playing Zen Pinball Solo.

Zen Pinball is free to download for Apple TV with one table included: Sorcerer’s Lair. After that, you’ll have to pay $0.99 to $1.99 each to get access to other tables. Although gameplay varies, they all feature:

  • Worldwide leaderboards and friend challenges
  • Achievements
  • Rule sheets with tips and tricks to help you boost your score (yes, there’s more to do in pinball than just keep the ball(s) in play)
  • Hot seat multiplayer mode

Zen Pinball and the two new Star Wars tables are available now in the App Store. For more information, visit


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