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Published on December 16th, 2017 | by Kirk Hiner


10 great Apple TV gift ideas, part 2

Yesterday, we presented half our list of hardware accessories that would make great gifts for any Apple TV owner…provided that Apple TV owner doesn’t already have them, of course. That kind of precision we need to leave up to you. If you’re still looking at the available options, here are five more ideas to complete our list.

Sonos PLAYBAR TV Soundbar – $699

If you want your Apple TV Christmas to be like a Lexus commercial, here you go. Walk your spouse, dog, and presentably dressed 2.5 children out to the front drive on Christmas morning and unveil the Sonos Playbar with the big ol’ red ribbon on top.

The Amazon description pushes it heavily for Amazon devices, but because the Sonos connects directly to your TV with a fiber optic cable, it’ll work with anything played through your TV. “PLAYBAR’s nine-speaker design floods your home with huge waves of epic, full–theater sound for TV, Web, Movies and Video Games.”

Check out the full list of features at Amazon.com.

TotalMount Apple TV Mount – $17.99

Stepping back out of the Lexus commercial for a minute, this is the product you always see on Amazon when you’re searching for an actual Apple TV. But do you know what? It deserves that kind of exposure.

Apple TV Mount

With three mounting options, you’ll surely find a way to keep your Apple TV neatly organized and accessible, and can quit worrying about the weight of the attached cables dragging it back behind your other hardware. Whether you want to hide the Apple TV behind your television or proudly display it right next to it, the TotalMount Apple TV Mount is a great piece of kit.

Buy now at Amazon.com.

elago R1 Intellicase for Siri Remote – $11.99

We recently ran a roundup of Siri Remote cases, and this is our gentle reminder that you should seriously consider this option. Great for protection, comfort, and finally being able to immediately know which way is up when grabbing your Siri Remote. Plus, look how Christmasy in red!

elago r1 intellicase

Multiple colors are available, and they actually would make fun stocking stuffers at this price. A unique feature of the Elago R1 Intellicase is that it contains magnets that can be used to attach it to some TVs. Hide it back there with your TotalMount!

Buy now at Amazon.com.

Univivi HDMI 4K Switcher Splitter Box – $26.98

With a cable box, a gaming system or two, and who knows what else, it’s possible the Apple TV is the odd man out when it comes to HDMI input access. Even if you have the inputs, accessing them behind the TV or receiver can be a pain. That’s where an HDMI switcher comes into play, as it allows (in this case) 5 HDMI devices to connect to one HDMI input.

univivi hdmi switcher

It’s 3D and 4K Ultra HD ready, but I think my favorite feature is that it will automatically switch to the correct port if only one connected device is active. I’ll happily take that over having to manually switch my TV inputs, thank you.

Buy now at Amazon.

Roadwi BL58 1080P Home Theater Projector – $189.99

Of course, your Apple TV doesn’t have to be stuck connecting to your actual TV. Give it the freedom of displaying on your wall or the side of your house with an overhead projector. Simply run the HDMI out from our your Apple TV to the HDMI in on the Roadwi BL58, and now you can view your streaming content, games or those fancy video screensavers at nearly 20 feet wide.roadwi projector

20% brighter than ordinary LEDs, the Roadwi BL58 has a recommended distance of about 6-1/2 feet, providing a projection size of 80 inches. What a great way to display the photo slideshow of your Christmas pajama tradition that nobody really wants to see!

Buy now at Amazon.com.

That’ll do it for this year. If you haven’t already, check out our first list Apple TV gift ideas. And no matter what you end up giving and getting this year, we hope your holiday season is peaceful and bright.

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