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Published on December 22nd, 2017 | by Brad Gibson


32GB Apple TV 4K now shipping on Amazon; 64GB still MIA

It won’t be there in time for Christmas, but the 32GB Apple TV 4K is now in stock and shipping after its return to the Amazon online store on December 20th. As for the 32GB Apple TV fourth-generation and 64GB Apple TV 4K models, while listed, are not in stock.

The 4th-gen model was the only model available December 20th on Amazon, contrary to erroneous reports from Variety.comMacrumors.com and Appleinsider.com, but on sale for less than six hours. Neither of the 4K models were available until today.

While the product is identified as being sold by Apple, sources tell BESTAppleTV.com it is being sold through a third-party reseller, as is the entire Apple product line.

The product’s availability on Amazon.com comes 16 days after the Amazon Prime TV app debuted on the Apple TV App Store on December 6th.

The unavailability of the 64-gigabyte model on Amazon is no surprise, as Apple itself completely sold out of the model in mid-November. As of Friday, new orders for the 64GB Apple TV 4K direct from Apple won’t ship for four to five weeks, well into February 2018.


Amazon stopped selling Apple TV boxes in the fall of 2015 after Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said he did not want his customers to buy a device that wasn’t compatible with Amazon’s video app, but also made it clear there were unacceptable “business terms” with Apple at the time over the distribution of its content on Apple TV.

The streaming device returns to Amazon after it briefly re-appeared on September 26th, being sold by an authorized, third-party reseller. As first reported by BESTAppleTV.com in October, the device mysteriously disappeared just hours after it was posted, leading to speculation that its sale was not approved by Amazon or Apple. It is not known if the reseller actually sold any Apple 4K units. Almost the entire time it was posted on Amazon, the product then was listed as “temporarily out of stock.”

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