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Published on December 15th, 2018 | by Kirk Hiner


Apple to produce new “Peanuts” content for streaming service

Apple has announced some big names and titles for their forthcoming streaming service, and now they’ve got a franchise.

Variety has reported that Apple has made a deal with DHX Media to produce new content featuring Charles M. Schulz’s popular Peanuts characters…including some new missions for astronaut Snoopy.

The partnership will see DHX produce original series, specials and shorts involving the popular Peanuts gang.

It’s certainly a big acquisition for Apple, and perhaps one of the reasons they made the move is because of the recently signed Space Act Agreement between Peanuts Worldwide and NASA. As part of that agreement, DHX will be creating original short-form STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) content that features astronaut Snoopy, and will exclusive to Apple. The content is being created to inspire interest in space exploration and STEM fields among young audiences.

Snoopy has actually been a part of NASA since the late 1960s. Apollo 10’s lunar module was named for him, and Snoopy serves as the official mascot of aerospace safety. NASA employees and contractors are honored for their work relating to human flight safety or mission success by receiving the Silver Snoopy award.

DHX joined the Peanuts gang when they acquired a large stake in the franchise in May 2017. Their children’s programming portfolio also includes “Teletubbies,” “Caillou,” “Inspector Gadget,” and the “Degrassi” franchise. Apple TV users can explore their content via the free WildBrain app recently released in the App Store.

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