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Published on May 18th, 2018 | by Brad Gibson


Apple TV users facing DirecTV Now 2.0 login issues; told to “hang tight”

The recent DirecTV Now 2.0 update is creating various login issues for some subscribers, many of whom are being told to “hang tight” and use third-party apps to access the service until issues are resolved.

The various reports of issues began almost immediately after the release of the version 2.0 update this past Tuesday, with subscribers reporting the issues via DirecTV Now’s Twitter account…

Over 20 reports through Twitter were made of the same login issue. has followed up with four of those publicly reporting issues. Three of the four report they are still unable to log in, some more than three days after first encountering problems.

DirecTV Now and its parent company, AT&T, are telling customers that until the issue is resolved, they can access their accounts through their web browser, various mobile apps and directly through the apps of various networks that allow sign-on with their DirecTV Now accounts, the latter being a tedious process that restricts users from watching more than one channel at a time.

A communications spokesperson for AT&T or DirecTV Now has not responded to repeated attempts for comment to this story.

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9 Responses to Apple TV users facing DirecTV Now 2.0 login issues; told to “hang tight”

  1. Daniel says:

    You have to use your AT&T log in instead of your directv now log in

    • Brad Gibson says:

      Apparently, some of these people did use their AT&T log in and it still didn’t work.

    • Mike says:

      The update bombed out in the process where it appeared the credentials would be merged. My AT&T credentials were not affected but DirectTV Now acces would not work with either. Multiple password and user ID resets wouldn’t work although DTVN reps said they could access service with each reset on their end.

  2. Tampa Guy says:

    Could be worse. Some users of the Android app have been unable to log on since April 23 because of a known issue called a “handshake” error.

    DirecTVNow Help’s official response is to “call Google.” That’s right … CALL Google.

    Google has no idea about the problem and says it’s DTVN’s app and thus DTVN’s problem to solve.

    Since pointing out Google’s response to DVTN, they’ve been silent. Terrible customer service.

  3. Eddy says:

    “We appreciate your patience”.
    Is it really patience if we don’t have a choice?
    I’ve been down since Tuesday. Support said 24 hours. I contacted them at 36 hours. I got the “techs are working on it” and “We appreciate your patience”. 4 days now. No updates. it’s like being on hold without music. You don’t know if you’re still on hold or if you’ve been disconnected. Can’t they just re-post the Black icon DTVN app as an alternative for those of us that can’t use the White icon DTVN app? White icon; Cloud DVR. Black icon; no DVR.

  4. Mike says:

    The worst of the issue is that chat support was not equipped to handle the handle the problem. Hearing “rest assured, this issue will be resolved before we disconnect” 3 nights in a row just made a bad situation worse. All they could recommend was a an ID and password reset. They had no clue how big the problem was and only advised me to initiate a new chat later to check for progress. I’m with Hulu now.

  5. Brian says:

    Its 5/29. No Direct TV login capability for 19 days and counting. I’m experiencing the same as everyone else on this thread. Definitely loosing patience and I am blown away at the lack of knowledge at the Chat level.
    Direct TV management- Communicate with your customers and be honest about what is going on and give REAL expectations. If your IT team didnt test this whole transition in UAT they all need to be fired!

  6. Bill Hendey says:

    Have been out of town and came home May16 to discover that DirectTV Now was not working on one of my Apple TV boxes tried logging in multiple times to the App without success, Then tried logging out in settings/tv provider. Logging back in via settings did not work, likewise logging in through app did not work. Did the chat with Direct TV Now support. Said that they had to change mu password. Despite assurances that this would only affect my DirectTV account and not my ATT mail, fibre etc. Changing passwords was global. The new password allowed me to log in to the app, but not as the tv provider in settings. Had to change the password no on the other apple TV, phones, rokus iPads etc. However the reset required me to log out of the TV account on settings before it would work on the iOS and TVOS devices. In each case I got the tv app to work. But I can no longer use the DirectTV now service to use other apps e.g. History channel, as I could before this mess. Likewise, trying to view content on these channels results in a request to login to provider and ends with a login error. Also at one point the agent assured me that the channel change would not affect other ATT services and if it did, I could just change it back-wrong on both counts.

  7. ShadowRider says:

    July 15th, and I am having the same problem. I’ve been using my Apple TV boxes mostly to watch Netflix and Amazon content, but we are having worsening problems with satellite rain fade and we need to move to completely Internet-based services. I’ve been paying for both DirecTV and DirecTV NOW for several months, waiting for them to get their act together. Sometimes my DirecTV NOW account works to log in, sometimes my AT&T account, depending on the device. But I am unable to set DTV NOW as my provider on any of my 5 Apple TV units. VERY frustrating and insane that AT&T has let this problem go on for so long!

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