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Published on December 19th, 2018 | by Kirk Hiner


Apple TV’s “zero sign-on” now available to Spectrum subscribers

Announced at WWDC 2018 back in June, “zero sign-on” is Apple’s new technology that allows a user’s Apple TV to detect their Wi-Fi network and automatically sign into all the supported apps they receive through their streaming service subscription. In other words, if your streaming service provider supports the Cartoon Network, the CW, etc., you will be automatically signed into those specific apps; no need to enter your username and password for each app.

Apple stated in June that the feature would first launch for Charter Spectrum subscribers later this year, and it looks like they met that deadline. Curiously, it seems neither Apple nor Spectrum announced the rollout. Instead, the feature was reported on Twitter by @gadgetwhore, who was also kind enough to explain how to activate it.

If you have Spectrum and an Apple TV, go to settings, then Accounts, scroll down to TV provider, unlink or sign out if sign-in, choose Spectrum again and that’s it. Well, there are one or two more small steps, but still very simple.

The important step there for Spectrum subscribers is that if you’re already connected you have to sign out of the account and sign back in to get the new functionality.

Curiously, Charter Spectrum’s own Apple TV app is still a no-show. As noticed by AppleInsider, Apple has changed the language on their site from “later this year” to “coming soon.” We now don’t expect it to arrive at least until we’re into 2019, but there’s still a couple weeks for them to surprise us. We reached out to Charter earlier today, but the company did not return our request for comment.

Although Apple has stated that zero sign-on will extend to other providers, they have yet to announce which companies will get or when we can expect to see that roll out.

The Charter Spectrum media relations department did not respond to repeated attempts for comment by BESTAppleTV for this story.

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