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Published on March 21st, 2019 | by Bill Stiteler


Apple upgrades a lot of hardware before event, but not Apple TV

Ahead of Monday’s “Showtime” event, in which Apple is expected to announce a new streaming service, the company has announced performance upgrades for many of their products, including the consumer-level iMac, the iPad Air, and iPad mini, as well as AirPods with improved battery life. But nothing about an updated Apple TV.

Time was, when Apple had a once-a-year-event at Macworld Expo, they’d use it to showcase all their “new” products, even if it was an upgrade in processor speed or monitor resolution. But now that Apple has a broad slate of products, they can afford to be choosy, and focus their message. iPhones get announced at the iPhone event, software updates get announced at the WWDC, and Mac hardware gets announced, eh, whenever. In a press release.

It follows that the Apple TV would get an upgrade at an Apple TV event, but that doesn’t appear to be the case.

For those who are curious, what Apple has announced the iPads get thinner, the iPad mini gets Apple Pencil support, and Apple AirPods get longer battery life and wireless charging. The iMac gets a major performance boost thanks to upgraded processors.

Meanwhile, details about the Monday event are still shrouded in rumors of Apple trying to gather streaming services like HBO under a universal banner before announcing their own original programming, along with the potential of new Apple TV hardware.

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