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Published on April 16th, 2018 | by Brad Gibson


As DirecTV Now DVR beta crosses into 2.0, finish line to public release in sight

DirecTV Now has released version 2.0 of its on-going software beta, inching closer to what the company has even admitted is an imminent final release of a re-design of the services user interface and complete rollout of its cloud-based video recorder.

The service – available only in the U.S. – updated its program for beta users on Apple TV to version 2.0 at the end of last week and added the promotional splash screen shown above playing up its digital video recorder – or DVR – service along with an updated user interface that has been in testing.

What is not known is when the beta will end and the new upgrades will be released for all current subscribers. DirecTV Now’s parent company, AT&T, announced in February it would be delaying the release of its DVR service until spring to work out the bugs that beta testers report have plagued its latest version of the software. Since then, the company has given no firmer indication of a release date.

AT&T did not respond to repeated attempts for comment for this story regarding the beta program.

directv_now_beta_screenBeta testers of Directv Now’s re-design got further indication last week its release is inching closer to reality.

With the service no longer accepting new beta testers as of mid-March, the wait is on for the new upgrade to be rolled out to all users.

The program has not been a smooth test for beta users and remains buggy for many. Various reports – confirmed by – indicate users are suffering from continual issues.

Posting on Reddit, beta tester Kurt Schultz commented, “I have never even been able to watch a DVRed show without crashing, buffers like crazy, slow guide that is hard to read, DVR records old shows even if only set to new, frame rate sucks to watch sports, app is currently only opening up to a gray screen.”

Another Reddit users, Bedect1300, posted that the DVR program still is buggy and unreliable, more than six months into its use. “If this thing is close to release, I’d be concerned this is going to be an ugly rollout.”

Many beta users report that for the most part, the DVR is working well for them with few glitches, but those same users are disappointed the service lacks the capability to rewind, fast-forward and pause live programming which technically is not part of the functionality associated with recorded programming. It is not known if DirecTV Now plans on offering such features in live programming.

Also not known is if all of DirecTV Now’s 58 channels will offer recording capabilities when the feature becomes available to all. Additionally, it is not known how many hours of free recording will be available to customers and the pricing plans that will be offered for additional hours. Speculation has been the service will offer 20 hours of recording time for free and allow users to buy 100 hours of storage for an extra fee.

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4 Responses to As DirecTV Now DVR beta crosses into 2.0, finish line to public release in sight

  1. faoctubre says:

    I have had issues with DVR in the past but now it is very smooth. Watched full games or movies without problems. The guide is not much faster.
    There are still a few issues, such us DVR list and time update after deletion, but it is corrected if you get out of your library. So far I can say it is ready for release. Waiting for that to finally cut the expensive cox cord.

  2. faoctubre says:

    Correction, the guide is faster, but depends on the device. It is a little different between phone and ATV, but it works well.

  3. Jeff says:

    I chatted with support tonight (04/17/2018). They said DVR service will be rolling out very soon, possibly by the end of April for everyone.

  4. GP says:

    I’ve been testing the beta for months in both Roku and AppleTV. I find it laughable that they feel this is ready for release to the masses. It’s still missing basic DVR functionality like padding a recording. The interface is still buggy. The app closes unexpctectedly. I have been testing software for nearly 20 years and I have never experienced anything as buggy as this at this stage of the development cycle.

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