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Published on December 3rd, 2018 | by Kirk Hiner


Atmosphere streams ambience to Apple TV

Sometimes TV should be less about the program and more about just giving people something look at. You’ve likely experienced this yourself when you go into a restaurant and find yourself compelled to read captions scrolling across the bottom of the multiple TVs. Or worse, when you’re stuck in a waiting room with one TV tuned to that news channel.

Chive Media Group has a solution to this problem: Atmosphere—a newly announced OTT streaming portal that features audio-optional, owned and operated ambient TV channels for homes and businesses.

“Eighty-one percent of the U.S. population lives in urban areas and people are exposed to screens many times throughout their day,” said Leo Resig, co-founder and CEO of Chive Media Group who co-created Atmosphere along with brother and co-founder John Resig. “Businesses instinctually tune their TVs to traditional cable programming that requires audio to be enjoyed, but they’re all muted with closed captions which is a poor customer experience. We knew there was a huge opening to create an alternative content option for TV that was still entertaining, both in retail and at home.”

With five family-friendly channels at launch, Atmosphere is set up to provide business and home users of all interests with unique options for OTT streaming content. The current options include…

  • Chive TV – the best, hand-picked viral videos anywhere
  • Happy TV – puppies, cute kids, and satisfying content
  • Motiv8 TV – celebrating the amateur athletes of the world
  • Escape TV – endless relaxing nature videos
  • Deep Sky TV – your front row seat to the cosmos

…with more channels to be added in the coming weeks. Those currently announced are Beach Bum TV, Alpine TV, Rare TV, and Shugazing TV.

The content variety and video quality appear impressive, but what’s likely to draw the attention of businesses are the savings. Those which don’t rely on live news or game coverage to draw customers will find they can save hundreds of dollars every year with Atmosphere over the cost of a traditional cable TV package.

Atmosphere for Apple TV is available now for free in the App Store. For more information—including sample videos of each channel—visit

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