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Published on July 20th, 2018 | by Kirk Hiner


Bring It! PhotoTropedelic for Apple TV

It’s not often I’d recommend a photo editing app for Apple TV, as most of the good ones require more control and precision than can be obtained with the Siri Remote. PhotoTropedelic from Larry Weinberg, however, is a perfect match. Most of the work is done by the app, not by you, and it would be fun to watch app build your image on the TV.

PhotoTropedelic turns your photos into psychedelic ’60s pop art. Think Peter Max or the animation of Yellow Submarine and you’ll get a general idea.


You simply import the photo into the app and watch as it replaces real-world color with vivid strokes, bold lines, and some stars and circles for good measure.

phototropedelicAs I mentioned earlier, you don’t get to pick exactly how this happens. You determine the settings before the photo is processed, customizing items such as the detail level, the number of colors to use, the line width, whether to use gradients and rays, and a couple more. You also determine whether to use the aforementioned stars (and how many to include). The colors are determined for you by the app if you stick with the $2.99 purchase price, but a $0.99 in-app purchase unlocks the ability to customize the color palette.

The results aren’t set in stone, however. PhotoTropedelic uses the previous settings when you load in a new image, but you can make adjustments and run the same image again to produce different results.

On the iPhone, you can pull images from your saved photos and camera roll, or you can take a new picture from directly within the app. You then have the ability to save the results to Instagram or back to your phone/computer, or you can share a PDF to email or another app. The export options could work the same way on AppleTV (although greater social media compatibility would be great), but iCloud and/or computer access would be necessary for importing images.

With these minor enhancements, PhotoTropedelic would be a lot of fun for Apple TV. The resulting images would look great on the larger screen, and watching them being built would be entertaining for those gathered around.

Just beware the Sea of Holes.

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