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Published on September 26th, 2018 | by Brad Gibson


Broad global survey shows Apple TV usage falling 4% from 2017, but strong acceptance age 26-35

In the most recent comprehensive and open study available, worldwide Apple TV usage fell four percent in the past year, far below various smart TVs, streaming-capable set-top boxes or DVD players, as well as Google Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV.

A new study on the State of Online Video 2018, conducted in earlier August among consumers in France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, the United Kingdom, and the United States revealed Apple TV usage ranks next to last among dedicated streaming devices, only out-beating Roku due to its strong lack of worldwide consumer acceptance, except in the U.S.

Research by the content-distribution firm LimeLight Networks showed globally, viewers choose smart TVs with online video apps more often than any other device, followed by a set-top box or DVD player with the same capabilities, Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, video game consoles, Apple TV, and Roku. One-third of those surveyed don’t use any dedicated streaming devices.

Among those using a standalone player worldwide, Google’s Chromcast and Amazon’s Fire TV remain the top two brands at 16.7 and 14.7 percent, respectively. Apple TV was third with 10.1 percent and Roku was in fourth with 4.6 percent.

State of Online Video 2018 1Worldwide results of those surveyed to the question, “Which streaming devices do you use to watch online video on your television?” Source: LimeLight Networks

The breakdown by country shows a stark contrast in the popularity of streaming devices across the 10 geographic regions. In the U.S., Amazon’s Fire TV had the highest usage at 22 percent followed by Roku with 21 percent, Google’s Chromecast at 13.6 percent, and Apple in fourth at 13.2 percent. In Asian and Europeans countries surveyed, Roku was far behind its competitors and other types of streaming-capable devices with only a 4.6 percent usage share worldwide showing its primary focus on the North America continent.

State of Online Video 2018 2Worldwide streaming device use broken down by 10 countries. Source: LimeLight Networks

Shown by age groups, Smart TVs with online video apps, Apple TV, and video game consoles with streaming capabilities were more commonly used by younger viewers, the survey results showed. The older the age group, the fewer people used any streaming device. Apple TV placed third in usage among standalone streaming devices for those age 26 to 35.

State of Online Video 2018 3Worldwide streaming device use broken down by age groups. Source: LimeLight Networks

Limelight’s new study was based on responses from 5,000 people 18-and-up and regular online video viewers.

Apple’s public relations department did not respond to a request for comment from BESTAppleTV for this story and the Limelight survey results.

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