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Published on January 9th, 2018 | by Brad Gibson


CES 2018: 5 trends to watch for

Let’s set one thing straight right now. CES 2018 is more than giant TVs. Much more.

So what can Apple TV users be looking at the Consumer Electronics Show here in Las Vegas? We’re looking at various trends that will impact Apple TV users in the next year. Here’s a preview…

Streaming services grow up

While DirecTV Now and Sling TV are absent from CES 2018, Hulu is exhibiting along with a number of other streaming providers and the talk will be about more features, better stability, and improved user interfaces on the various streaming services available on your Apple TV. The trend will be targeted at more content, but choice at different price ranges.

Plex Improvements

We’re falling in love with Plex at It an improving platform that could make Apple’s TV app literally obsolete by combining multiple pieces of content. At CES 2018, Plex is announcing support for podcasts. What could come soon is the integration of podcasts with other media you’ll find on Plex, like TV shows and movies. The key to Plex for consumers is the integration of content and it’s starting to make Apple’s solutions pale in comparison. Thankfully, Plex is available on Apple TV it can only make it better.

240HZ TV refresh rates

This past Christmas, the trend in televisions was OLED and HDR. Of less interest over the years has been the refresh rates of our TVs. That’s about to change according to experts. We’ll be looking for TVs with high processing power that equates to high refresh rates to reduce motion blur. The buzz words will be 240Hz 4K. While the refresh rate difference to the human eye from 120 to 240 isn’t spectacular, in 4K it does make a difference and manufacturers plan on marketing the difference.

Voice Assistance everywhere

2017 was the year of Amazon’s Alexa but with Google’s Assistant grabbing more market share, CES 2018 will be all about voice assistance built into more and more third-party products. That’s not good news for Apple TVs users as none of these devices will work with Apple TV. And with the disappointing delay in the release of Apple’s HomePod and no sign of it being integrated into Apple TV anytime, it will be a frustrating show to see a year where voice assistance in being built into other streaming TV devices…except for Apple TV. Sad.

Next-gen wireless technology

5G wireless isn’t expected to roll out until 2020, but it will still be talked about a lot at CES 2018. Wireless companies like AT&T and Verizon are expected to give progress reports on the fifth-generation network technology. With 5G, wireless carriers envision an era of incredibly fast speeds that let smartphone users download a movie in less than five seconds — roughly 100 times faster than the current network technology, 4G. How is this a benefit for Apple TV users? As Internet providers look for more ways to integrate mobile devices with home devices to watch entertainment, 5G could become a bigger part of the picture in integrating various types of bandwidth other than the standard Internet connection from your cable company to watch content on your Apple TV. is on site in Las Vegas, and we’ll bring you more CES 2018 news and insight in the next few days.

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