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Published on January 9th, 2018 | by Kirk Hiner


CES 2018: Elgato introduces the Eve Button connected home remote

It’s one thing to have the majority of your home devices connected, but it’s another thing entirely to interact with them. Elgato is aiming to simplify the process with their Eve Button connected home remote.

The concept behind the Eve button is practicality. Siri may be a handy option, but voice commands aren’t always the best way to go. Elgato prefers the push of a button, or—more accurately—the push of an easily programmed button. Set up Eve to connect to a lamp, for example, and one press can switch it on, two presses can dim it, and a press-and-hold can switch it off. It’s a welcome return to tactile control…especially when your iPhone is in another room.

Of course, you wouldn’t want a button for every smart device in your house, and you won’t need one; the Eve Button can be set up with scenes that adjust multiple devices at once, as programmed. Lower the lights, turn on some music, warm up the room, bring up your Apple TV for some fireplace ambience, and you’re all set with the mere press of a button. Scenes can be set with Siri, Command Center and your Apple Watch, and you can engage accessories via the Home app. Your Apple TV or iPad serves as the hub, so you’re always connected.

As for privacy, Elgato explains:

Eve accessories are exclusively HomeKit-enabled. Even when accessing your home remotely via your home hub, data is end-to-end encrypted and stored on your iPhone or iPad. Superior privacy, advanced security, and absolute peace of mind – it’s all here.

What is HomeKit?

HomeKit is Apple’s software framework that allows you to configure and control compatible smart devices in your home—everything from outlet plugs and thermostats to door locks and lights, and beyond. Connected devices can be controlled individually or in groups (or “scenes”) via the Home app, Siri, and other devices whether you’re home or away. Apple’s emphasis on security makes it a safer option than with some competing ecosystems, as all HomeKit-enabled devices are required to be MFi licensed, and all HomeKit products are required to have an encryption co-processor.

The Elgato Eve Button will be available January 16th for $49.99. Learn more at www.elgato.com, where they’re currently taking preorders via Amazon.com ($49.99) and directly from Elgato. You’ll also want to look at the full line of Eve compatible products while you’re there.

And stay tuned to BEST Apple TV this week for more CES 2018 coverage from the show floors in Las Vegas.

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